What is the public pension in the United States? What is the difference between my country's pension?

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  1. The American endowment security system is known for its stability, with three pillars. The first pillar is a national overall social pension insurance plan. The second pillar is a private pension plan initiated by the employer. Open a personal retirement account. my country's pension system is divided into urban and rural pension guarantees. Rural people are currently continuing the road of family savings and raising children to prevent the elderly. There are also new types of rural social pension insurance in rural my country, but the payment level will be relatively low.
    I. my country's pension system
    The people when our people are working, most of the more formal companies will buy five insurances and one fund, including pension insurance. Pension insurance is a basic living security established after the labor age limit of the labor obligations or the loss of labor in order to solve the labor age limit of labor obligations or losing labor capabilities. After the worker reaches the age of retirement, he can receive a monthly pension.
    . The public pension system
    The United States implements a public pension system. The social security plan covers 94%of the employment of the United States. The US social bonded is forced to collect, but the retirement age is indeed flexible. Social bonded associations collect 6.2%of the total personal paid salary, and the enterprise bear 6.2%. There is also an employer's pension plan. This plan is mainly paid by the working workers, and the fees provided by the employer to complete the annuity payment. In addition, there is the third personal pension plan. This is an endowment insurance that can be purchased flexibly.
    . There is no comparability
    Due to the huge population gap between my country and the United States, the pension mode adopted by the two parties is different. There are too many subsidies, but my country needs to subsidize the endowment insurance fund of more than 10 billion yuan each year. Under the two different systems and different population models, the pension plans adopted are different, without comparability.

  2. Public pensions in the United States are funds used by the public for the elderly. American pension interest is relatively low, and my country's pension interest is relatively high. Public pensions in the United States do not calculate the payment period, and my country's calculation payment period. Public pensions in the United States are high, and my country's pension payment index is low.

  3. Public pension funds in the United States are SSI. The difference from my country's pension is that the way to issue funds is different, the groups they issue are different, the proportion of distribution is different, and the subsidy method is different.

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