3 thoughts on “MBR to GPT problem”

  1. First turn off or move the page file to other partitions. It is best to backup the important data before turning. You can use the Windows to bring the command DiskPart
    to open the command prompt and enter the diskpart into the DiskPart prompt. Vista users can enter the DiskPart in the search box of the start menu to open the DiskPart prompt.
    In the List Volume listed all the volumes under the DiskPart prompt, use Select Volume to move the focus to the corresponding volumes on the mobile hard disk, such as: Select Volume G (G is a disk formation on the mobile hard disk), and then execute Delete Volume can delete the currently selected volume, repeat the operation of the volume and delete roll until all the volumes on the mobile hard disk are deleted.
    The volumes on the mobile hard disk delete all the disks in the computer with list disk, then use the Select Disk command to select the mobile hard disk, and finally execute the Convert GPT.

  2. There is a virtual memory page file on your partition. Close the virtual memory of the partition before the conversion.

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