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  1. From the perspective of whether the equity crowdfunding is guaranteed, it can be divided into two categories:
    1, unparalleled equity crowdfunding: unparalleled equity crowdfunding refers to the investor's company without a third -party company in the process of crowdfunding investment. Responsibility for related equity issues. In China, there are basically unpaid equity crowdfunding.
    2. Crowdfunding of the guarantee equity: There is a guarantee equity crowdfunding referring to the equity crowdfunding project while crowdfunding, and this guarantee is a guarantee responsibility for a fixed period. However, this model has only provided guarantee services for crowdfunding projects in China, which has not been accepted by most platforms.

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  2. At present, there is no stipulation for equity crowdfunding. It is some rules and regulations issued by the equity crowdfunding platform according to their own development needs. Domestic equity crowdfunding is mainly based on different categories of focusing on the platform. Some of them are concerned about physical stores. The ownership of the equity crowdfunding industry.

  3. The equity crowdfunding classification is as follows:
    . If there is a guarantee in the process of crowdfunding, it can be divided into guaranteed equity crowdfunding and unpaid equity crowdfunding.
    . According to the different operating mode, it can be divided into membership, voucher, and angelic crowdfunding.
    . According to the behavior of crowdfunding, it can be divided into public equity crowdfunding and private equity crowdfunding. Whether public offering or private equity mainly depends on how to define its behavior. my country's equity crowdfunding is mostly defined as private equity.
    . Whether the process of equity crowdfunding is carried out through the Internet, and equity crowdfunding can be divided into online and offline equity crowdfunding.
    The well -known crowdfunding platforms in China include Taobao crowdfunding, Jingdong crowdfunding, and currency of China.

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