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  1. China Top Ten Volkswagen Platform Rankings in 2017 (1. Xinghui Li Crowdfunding 2. Everyone's investment crowdfunding 3. Taobao crowdfunding 4. Jingdong crowdfunding ...) Crowdfunding time: May 2014.
    The introduction of Xinghui Lili crowdfunding platform:
    Xinghui Lili crowdfunding is focusing on well -known enterprises' equity investment and financing service platform, with the purpose of "incubation and standard asset securitization of listed enterprises", with large domestic consumer consumer categories Relying on high -quality listed companies such as industry leaders and TMT, we use the combination of online and offline combination to carry out a series of investment and financing services with equity crowdfunding.
    This crowdfunding is committed to creating an equity crowdfunding platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors to provide equity crowdfunding platforms for high -quality projects to provide equity investment, brand promotion and other services. The Xinghui Platform also provides investors with the opportunity to participate in venture capital and excavate the quasi -listed unicorn enterprise in the industry.
    Xinghui Lishe crowdfunding has successively reached strategic cooperation with Yingke Law Institute, Tianchi Juntai, Xinghua Accounting Office, and Yangtze River Big Data to timely and accurately grasp the direction of investment development in the industry. In the lower, the risk is minimized, so that investors can truly have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and fun brought by the investment of equity crowdfunding.

    2, Renren's investment platform
    Plinks for the establishment of crowdfunding: February 2014.
    The introduction to the crowdfunding platform:
    How people are focusing on the equity crowdfunding platform that focuses on the entry branch store for physical stores. Since its launch, everyone has made important contributions to the development of the same industry through the continuous reform and innovation, and has also provided a highly efficient, safe and landing platform for many small, medium and micro enterprises, founders and investors.
    Plike crowdfunding to support the unique business operation model, create its own core competitiveness, and rely on the field of professional operation management teams to integrate the fields of integration in the field of integration, and deeply implant the unique business philosophy into China's "Internet Finance" The most vibrant and high -growth potential areas, strive to seek good investment opportunities at the minimum value of risk, and create unlimited value for investors and project parties and society.
    The business slogan of Renren is "investment shop". The corporate goal is to do the brand flagship of equity crowdfunding and the service carrier of physical stores.

    3, Taobao crowdfunding platform
    Taobao crowdfunding time: December 2013
    Taobao crowdfunding platform introduction:
    Taobao crowdfunding is a one Assist relatives to launch a platform for creativity and dreams, whether you are a Taobao seller, buyer, student, white -collar worker, artist, star, if you have a plan you want to complete (such as movies, music, animation, design, public welfare, etc.), You can show your plans to you on Taobao crowdfunding projects, and invite people who like you to support you with funding to support you.
    In Taobao crowdfunding platform, if you are willing to help others and support the dreams of others, you can visit the project plan initiated by people from all walks of life, or you can also become the dream partner of the initiator. After you witness the success of the project, you will also get the initiator for your support.

    4, Jingdong crowdfunding platform
    Jingdong crowdfunding time: July 2014
    Jingdong crowdfunding platform introduction:
    The fifth largest business sector of finance aims to create a crowdfunding platform with extremely low thresholds, novelty fun, and real participation. At present, Jingdong crowdfunding is mainly divided into four categories, product crowdfunding, public welfare crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and creditor's rights.
    Dingding crowdfunding is the main product crowdfunding, and the product crowdfunding is different from equity crowdfunding. The main reason is that the investor invests in crowdfunding projects and obtains products or services. Bet off.
    The characteristics of Jingdong crowdfunding are preferred and concentrated ideas. Funders have found fun and interesting projects. Its identity is not only consumers, investors, but also participants. In the early stage of the project, the investor can establish deep -seated interaction with the fundamental investor in the product design, production, pricing and other links, and determine the future of the product. These processes show a sense of real participation and meet the needs of users' consumption upgrade.

    5, Suning crowdfunding platform
    Suning crowdfunding time: April 2015
    Suning crowdfunding platform introduction:
    Suning crowdfunding from intelligence Products, to caring for public welfare; from life fashion, to football entertainment ... here, only you can't think of, without you can't find it. This time, O2O Suning O2O.
    This crowdfunding compared to other domestic equity crowdfunding platforms, with more than 1,600 offline store advantages, such as physical crowdfunding. The plan will be carried out simultaneously in the project cycle to obtain first -hand user information for products, which will also help the product to improve the solution and upgrade of firmware. This is a full experience of Suning's crowdfunding O2O value. It is also an innovation of Suning as an Internet retail company and has no boundaries with other Internet entrepreneurs.

    6, angel exchange crowdfunding platform
    Angel exchange crowdfunding time: November 2011
    Angel exchange crowdfunding platform profile:
    Angel exchange Help angel investors quickly discover high -quality start -up projects and help start -ups quickly find angel investment. Angelhui has always believed that reliable entrepreneurs should see all high -quality investors at a time, from roadshow to successful financing; and high -quality investors should face the best projects on the market, efficient and rapid and rapid Determine the intention of equity crowdfunding. Angels flickering will turn all the "reasonable" into "rare and normal".
    Angelhui hopes to change the current situation of low efficiency of DEMO Day in the industry and create the most efficient day in the life of investors and entrepreneurs. Here, the equity crowdfunding entrepreneurial project is concentrated in the morning. At noon, it has lunch with investors at noon. In the afternoon, investors with investment intentions have a one -to -one private interview and signing an investment intention in the evening.
    The equity crowdfunding entrepreneurial project registered on the Angel Exchange Platform is mainly concentrated in the Internet and mobile Internet fields, covering social networks, corporate services, games, e -commerce, O2O, education, health and other categories.

    7, naming time crowdfunding platform
    Pame time crowdfunding time: July 2011
    It is the earliest and the earliest professional crowdfunding platform for the smart hardware industry to understand the smart hardware industry. Since 2012, the name of the hardware team in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places has conducted in -depth exchanges, and analyzed the data performance of thousands of smart projects at home and abroad on crowdfunding platforms and sales channels. Time 10x10 Conference shared with you to help the hardware team understand market demand and master future trends, and has established a certain reputation in the industry. Since 2014, the "Named Time 10x10 Conference" of more than 2,000 people has become an important large -scale conference that cannot be missed by the smart hardware circle.

    8. Easily raising crowdfunding platform
    The easy -to -raise crowdfunding time: August 2014
    It has launched brands such as crowdfunding space, promise-corporate-level crowdfunding solutions, and easy-to-social editions based on social networks and the content of daily life for the majority of netizens. It has attached great importance to the development of the product and the feedback of users since the beginning of its launch, and is committed to making it easy to make the "small and micro enterprise investment and financing first platform".
    The easy -to -chip can be sold out pre -sale (fresh products, private houses, snacks, etc.), dream list (small and micro entrepreneurial, film and television books, art design, intelligent hardware, entertainment performing arts, anime games), micro -love channel three three Large -channel launch projects provide users with more choices, more low prices, and more innovative personalized customized products and services.
    Fitchy the unique operating philosophy deeply implanted in China's "Internet Finance" the most developed vitality and high growth potential area, and strive to seek investment opportunities at the minimum risk, creating for investors and project parties and society. Infinite value.

    9. Love Entrepreneurship crowdfunding platform
    It love entrepreneurial crowdfunding time: March 2013
    It love entrepreneurial crowdfunding platform profile:
    Love entrepreneurship Platform, entrepreneurs can publish entrepreneurial projects to obtain financing opportunities; institutional investors do not have to go eastward, and high -quality projects are in their hands; lower investment thresholds can also allow individual investors It is convenient for investment in high -quality entrepreneurial enterprises. Since the launch of Entrepreneurship, I have helped dozens of entrepreneurial enterprises to complete financing, with a financing scale of nearly 100 million yuan.
    Is that have been launched and crowdfunding are coming, Chezhubao, Dream Mirror Box, Yiboyo, Scenic Boutique Hotel and other projects. Love Entrepreneurship and many investment institutions and entrepreneurial service institutions have established strategic cooperation relationships. Investment institutions have released projects through Ai Entrepreneurship and become project leaders, which will greatly expand our project source channel.

    10, Haichuanghui crowdfunding platform
    Tezhonghui crowdfunding time: December 2013
    Relying on Haier's ecological industrial resources and open social resources, they are different from ordinary incubators. It realizes the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, incubation and investment. One -stop incubation services such as acceleration, space, factory, and innovative technology.
    The congregation crowdfunding through an open online incubation platform online provides makers with innovative and entrepreneurial incubation and acceleration services. For makers, one -stop first -class resource online docking helps makers to solve the innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platform for comprehensive incubation services such as finding funds, finding people, finding space, finding channel sales, finding training, and finding legal affairs. The two parties can rely on the Haichuanghui crowdfunding platform to establish online docking, flat resources, open -bounds, and interconnection.

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