Biden signed the "chip bill" today! Can the high -tech field be realized as the "battlefield" of China Gaming?

4 thoughts on “Biden signed the "chip bill" today! Can the high -tech field be realized as the "battlefield" of China Gaming?”

  1. It cannot be achieved, because my country is the largest market. If the first market is gone, there are only some corners, there are no big oil and water! It takes not long to take it to catch up and snatch their market.
    The United States does not fully close the chip.
    until now, it is still not completely closed. Even the high -end 5G chip continues to be open to our Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, including the glory separated from Huawei. It can be said that it is fully open, any procurement. 100 billion U.S. dollars, especially for our domestic "high -end mobile phone iteration upgrades to be completely controlled by Qualcomm and TSMC in the United States, there is no autonomy at all"; Huawei has lost a lot of money from Huawei's high, middle and low -end Kirin chips worldwide, and Huawei lost a lot of money, reaching 200 billion yuan. The key is to make our domestic "civil mobile phone high -end chip industry almost stop."
    The domestic chip is still developing rapidly.
    It reported that in recent years, 13,000 integrated circuit companies have appeared in our country, and there are not so many in the United States, Japan and Europe. In 2022, our domestic imports of 14 nanometers have decreased by 28.3 billion pieces. Some people predict that after 10 years, 90%of the world's low -end chips will be manufactured by Chinese enterprises, and the world chip manufacturing pattern will certainly undergo profound changes. In fact, in our country, we can still rise to junior high -end in the past 10 years. Relying on domestic process equipment such as 28 nanometer light engraving machines, and spare parts and raw materials, 7 -nanometer chip is created. After 10 years, civil mobile phones later, civil mobile phones later The high -end chip industry will definitely rise.
    , although domestic chips are still very problematic, not technical problems, and industrialization issues, so the difficulty is how to adjust the various production links of different lengths to a height. Therefore, this takes time to take time of! I believe it won't take long.

  2. His plan will end in failure. Because China's chip market is large and the innovation ability is very strong. In cooperation with South Korea, the chip will occupy most of the world.

  3. Such a battlefield does not make any significance for China, and restrictions on the United States will not affect China's chip development, nor will it affect China's experience research. It will only become a laughing stock.

  4. It cannot be achieved, because the United States is unwilling to lose China's largest market at all. Once the Chinese market is lost, it is their own economy, so they will regret it soon.

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