5 thoughts on “What is the role of gold coins in the game of "Oh Mei: Dueling Link"?”

  1. Many people may find the game "Oh Mei Dueling Link" in the process of playing games. It can be regarded as a very novel game type in the entire circle, so everyone wants to try it. You can get a different experience in this game, but in the process of playing this game, you may find that some gold coins will be harvested, but I do n’t know what these gold coins are used to do, and in this game, the gold coin is the process of this game process A very common resource, and is also the easiest resource.
    So in the process of entering this game, some new players may not know what gold coins can do. The first is that in this game, this gold coin can be exchanged for some cards to the black merchant, but it can only be redeemed after the level reaches level 10. And these quantities are also limited, so if you have more gold coins, you can try to redeem some cards. And go as soon as possible, otherwise it may be finished, and if some players have finished those cards, there are no other places to spend the gold coins. In this case, it may cause a certain waste of waste. Essence
    and in the later period, we can also pull it into NPC's card loss rate, so if you look at the entire game, the role of these gold coins is very large, and its main role is also used to exchange these to redeem these. card. Everyone must determine the card as soon as possible in the process of the card. Don't wait for your own gold coins, or you feel that you can redeem more cards when you can exchange more cards. At that time, the number of cards may be insufficient, and often everyone will find that many games will have gold coins in the process of playing games. And it is also a very basic game element. There are certain settings in each game. In the process of playing the game The benefits of the same thing are to appreciate your force, or buy some better equipment, or shape.
    . They will also have a better experience during the game, as if there is a constant upgrade of themselves and constantly make their equipment more advantages. In this case, there may be better experience during the game experience, and this game was first released by Japan, and he also changed the scenes and characters in some comics. Everyone will feel very kind in the process of playing this game, because it is a card puzzle game that uses the game king's card to play against the battle, so many friends who like this type of anime can try it.

  2. The role of gold coins is mainly used to buy things or draws. Gold coins can be used to make cards and draws packages to form and strengthen their own card groups.

  3. The role of gold coins is to go to the black market businessman's exchange card (the level to be promoted to 10), but the number is limited. If the player exchanges those cards to the gold coins, there is no other place to spend.

  4. Gold coins can buy cards with card merchants, but the strength of these cards is not high, often to buy the purchase task.

  5. First, gold coins can be used to buy the weapons needed in the battle in order to win. Second, gold coins can be used to buy clothing to meet the needs of people. Finally, gold coins can be used to buy blood volume, which can make people return to life.

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