5 thoughts on “What is the difference between bursting and piercing?”

  1. 1. Different concepts
    The warehouse is one of the futures terms, which refers to the risk status of the customer's rights on the customer's account, that is, the customer not only loses all the security deposits on the account before the opening of the position, but also owe the futures. Company money.
    This liquidation refers to the negative value of the customer's equity in the investor's deposit account under certain special conditions. Blasting is a deposit that losses is greater than in your account. The remaining funds after the company's Qiangping are the total funds that minus your losses, and there are generally part of the remaining part.

    2. Different expression methods
    This warehouse refers to the amount of your losses exceeding the total number of margins of your deposit. Even if you flatten all your contracts, you still do not lose money. The burst refers to that after your position is strong, there is not much margin left, or the security deposit is zero. The proportion refers to the percentage of the transaction volume of that pillar. The bidding rate refers to the percentage of the length of the pillar that accounts for the length of the entire pillar.
    This is the available funds after the loss is greater than the margin. The remaining funds after the company's Qiangping are the total funds that minus your losses, and there are generally part of the remaining part. What is more serious is that wearing warehouses is all funds that losses more than your account, and your account funds are negative. After Qiangping, you still owe the company's money, and the company will care about you.
    3. Different legal consequences

    In the strict implementation of the liability settlement system on the day of the futures company, the incident of the warehouse is not common, but it is heard from time to time. In the case, the customer's position may be quickly sealed on the parking. If the next day, the opening of the market is large under inertia, and the customer is full of warehouses on the day of the day, there may be a warehouse.
    Ist investors need to make up for the deficit, otherwise they will face legal pursuit. In order to avoid this situation, special control needs to be controlled. Do not operate like stock transactions, and track the market in time. You cannot buy it like stock transactions.

  2. Basically the same means. It's all your money is not enough.
    But the piercing warehouse is generally in the plate. That is, you have a position, but the settlement margin is insufficient, that is, your rights and interests are negative in the disk. Blasting the position is generally that after you settle, the money is not enough to open the position. When wearing a position in the market, the company will notify you to add funds or liquidation. If you do not add funds, you can say that you will explode after the liquidation, and you will not open your hands.

  3. The meaning of explosive warehouse means that the position you hold is given by the futures company. There may be money on the account
    The means that all the money on your account is not only gone, but also owed the futures. Company's money

  4. Blasting is the deposit of the total funds less than the to be paid

    This warehouse is a negative amount of total funds (the money started to owe the futures company)

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