What does it mean to go through the position in the position?

What does it mean to go through the position in the position?

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  1. The liquidation refers to the transaction behavior of the futures of futures and sales to buy or sell before selling or sold. In the stock trading, the position of the stock sold, or the collective name of the stocks they bought, or buy the stocks sold in the short, and buy the stocks sold in the short.
    This warehouse refers to the situation where the customer's equity in the investor's deposit account is negatively under certain special conditions. Blasting is a deposit that losses is greater than in your account. The remaining funds after the company's Qiangping are the total funds that minus your losses, and there are generally part of the remaining part. In spot gold and futures transactions,
    This warehouse refers to the risk status of the customer's rights on the customer's account, that is, the customer not only loses all the security deposits on the account before the opening of the position, but also owe the futures company. Money.
    Extension information:
    The refers to different
    The liquidation is a operation method, which refers to the transaction behavior of the futures of futures buying or selling before selling or selling. And the burst of warehouse refers to a phenomenon. Blasting the position refers to the phenomenon of being forced to close the positions of the accounts. Passing the position refers to the phenomenon that there is no money and owed money after the position in the account.
    The remaining balances of the remaining
    This warehouse refers to the remaining amount in the account after closing the position, and not only has no money in the account after the phenomenon of the pangers, but also owed a part of the money.
    The occurrence situation is different
    Forced liquidation is generally required to add a deposit when your account net value cannot be maintained. When you cannot add funds on time, you will be forced to close the position. Some futures companies are measured by "risk", which is basically the same. The piercing warehouse usually occurs in non -continuous transactions. When there is a gap in the market, because the gap causes you not only fails to reach the maintenance deposit at once, but even postponed.
    This positions can be divided into hedge and liquidation and forced liquidation.
    The hedging liquidation is a futures contract for futures investment enterprises through the same futures exchange of the same delivery month to use the futures contracts that were previously sold or bought. The so -called mandatory liquidation refers to a third party other than holders (futures exchanges or futures brokerage companies, common Ruhuhui Global Gold Exchange Trading Platform) forcibly the position of the holder of the position holder, also known as the position or being cut or was being being cut or being being cut or being being killed Cut the warehouse.
    The reasons for forcibly liquidation in futures transactions, such as illegal behaviors such as increasing transaction margin in time, and temporary changes in policies or trading rules such as violations of transaction bonds and violations of transaction position restrictions. In the standardized futures market, the most common is the forced liquidation due to insufficient customer transaction margin.
    Pets specifically, referring to the insufficient transaction deposit required for the customer's position contract, and it fails to add the corresponding deposit or actively reduce the position in accordance with the notification of the futures company, and the market conditions are still developing in the direction of unfavorable positions. In order to avoid losses from expanding, the futures company forcibly calmed down the customer part or all positions, and filled the income funds to fill the margin gap.
    The difference between hedging liquidation and forced liquidation
    During the transaction, the futures exchange takes mandatory liquidation measures in accordance with regulations. Realizing the liquidation profit.
    Is if it belongs to the futures exchanges for compulsory liquidation due to the violations of the regulations of members or customers, the futures exchange is included in off -business income processing and will no longer be assigned to violate members or customers; If the limit is forced to close the position, it should be given to members or customers.

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