What coins are these? How much is the value? Intersection

I don't know the age and value of these money, the coin is true. Please give me a master to teach! Intersection Intersection

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  1. Friends, what do you ask what coins do you ask?

    It never let me say all the Chinese coins. Essence

    is depressed. Essence Essence

    ? Board? Magic currency? Steel? Jiaozi? Will? Five baht? Bad money? Qi Dao? Jimo knife? Anyang knife? Mingdao? Ingots? Chongbao? Shovel? Dao coin? Or Q coins?

    Qin Dynasty (1st 221 ~ 206) —————————————
    Emperor: Emperor Emperor (Winning) Required time: BC 221 to 210 Notes. : No issuance of coins and remarks: Qin half two, one -inch two -minute diameter, weighing twelve baht
    Emperor Emperor (Hu Hai) reigned time: BC 207 BC: Non -issued coins and remarks: Rectify rectification: Rectification The rules and regulations of half two dollars
    Emperor: Emperor of the Third Emperor (Ziya) Requirement Time: BC, 206 BC: No Issuance Coin and Remarks: No

    ) ——————————
    Emperor: Gao Zu (Liu Bang) reigned time: 206 ~ 195 BC: No issue coins and remarks: Half two
    Emperor: Emperor Huidi (Liu Ying) Destiny: 194 ~ BC 188th: No Issuance Coins and Remarks: No
    Emperor: Shao Di Gong (Liu Gong) Different time: Previous 187 ~ BC 184th: Non -issued coins and remarks: Eight baht and a half
    Emperor: Shao Dihong (Liu Hong) Requirement Time: BC 180th Number: No Issuance Coin and Remarks: Five Money
    Emperor Emperor (Emperor Liu Heng) Disposable time: BC to 157 BC: No issue coins and remarks: Four baht and a half
    Emperor Emperor (Liu Qi) Different time: BC 156 ~前141 年号:无发行钱币及备注:无rn帝王:武帝(刘彻) 在位时间:前140~前87 年号:建元、元光、元朔、元狩、元鼎、 Yuanfeng, Taichu, Tianhan, Taichi, Zhenghe, and Hou Yuan issued coins and remarks: Three baht money? County five baht
    Emperor Zhao (Liu Fuling) reigned at time: 86 ~ 74 BC: Shi Yuan, Yuanfeng, Yuanping issued coins and remarks: Emperor Zhaodi
    :前74 年号: 无发行钱币及备注:无rn帝王:宣帝(刘询) 在位时间:前73~前49 年号:本始、地节、元康、神爵、五凤、 Ganlu and Huanglong issued coins and remarks: Xuan Emperor Five Bah and Five Bah
    Emperor Emperor: In the reign of the Emperor: 48 to 33 BC: Chu Yuan, Yongguang, Jianzhao, Qi Ning's coins and remarks: Four Five baht
    Emperor: Emperor (Liu Ye) reigned: 32 to 7 years ago: Jianshi, He Ping, Yangshuo, Hongjia, Yongshi, Yuanyan, Suihe issued coins and remarks: :
    Emperor: Emperor Ai (Liu Xin) Destiny: 6 to 1 AD: Jianping, Yuanshou issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor Emperor Different time: 1 to 6 AD 6 : Issuing coins and remarks at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty:
    Emperor: Xunzi Ying (Liu Ying) Required: 6-8 AD: Jetcu, initial issuance coins and preparations Note:
    New (8-23) ————————————————
    Emperor: Wang Mang (Mang Jun) Disposable time: 9-20 years Number: Founding Guo Guo, Tianfeng, Emperor's issuance of coins and remarks: Five hundred swords? Cashier cloth? Buquan · Quanquan · National Treasure Golden Thousand Thousands? : The Emperor of the Emperor (Liu Xuan) Disposal Time: 21-23 Number: The Issuing Coin and Remarks: Five Baht, Iron Half Two or Five Bah (Gongsun Shu)

    ————————————— ———————— Eastern Han: (25 ~ 220) —————————————————————— Emperor Emperor: Emperor Guangwu (Liu Xiu) Readings Time: 23 ~ 57th number: Jianwu, Jianwu Zhongyuan issued coins and remarks: Jianwu five baht
    Emperor Emperor (Liu Zhuang) Draw time: 58-75 Number: Yongping Issuing Coins and Remarks: R E Emperor: Emperor Zhang (Liu Ye) Disposal Time: 76-87 Number: Jianchu, Yuanhe, Zhanghe's issuance coins and remarks:
    Emperor: He Emperor (Liu Zhao) Inings Received: 88 ~ 105 Year number: Yongyuan, Yuanxing issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor Emperor (Liu Long) Remain: 106-106 Number: Yanping Issuing Coins and Remarks:
    Emperor: An Emperor (Liu (Liu You) In the reign: 107 ~ 125 number number: Yongchu, Yuanchu, Yongning, Jianguang, Yanguang issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Shao Emperor (Liu Yan) Remaining time: 125 years: Issuing Issuance: Issuance Coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Shun (Liu Bao) Refining time: 126-144 Number: Issuing Coins and Remarks:
    Emperor Emperor (Liu Bing) Disposa Time: 144 ~ 145 Year number: Yongzheng Issuing Coins and Remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Emperor (Liu Ye) Remain: 146-146 Number: Currency and Remarks at the beginning:
    Emperor Emperor (Liu Zhi) In the reign: 147-167 number: Jianhe, Heping, Yuanjia, Yongxing, Yongshou, Yanyi, Yongkang issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Ling Emperor (Liu Hong) Different time: 168 ~ No. 189: Jianning, Ping Ping, Guanghe, Zhongping Issuing Coins and Note: Four Five Baht
    Emperor Emperor (Liu Ye) Remaining time: 189 Number: Issuing Coins and Remarks: Reduce: Reduce: Five baht and Yanhuan five baht
    Emperor: Emperor (Liu Xie) reigned: 190-220 Number: Chuping, Xingping, Jian'an, Yankang issued coins and remarks Small money)
    During the Three Kingdoms period
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ Wei (220-265) ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    n n n n n n n n n n n n R n Emperor: Emperor Wen (Cao Yu) Disposal Time: 220-226 Number: Huang Chu issued coins and remarks: Following Han Five baht
    Emperor Emperor: Emperor Ming (Cao Rui) Draw time: 227-239 Number: Taihe, Qinglong, Jingchu's coins and remarks: Press five baht
    Emperor: Qi King (Qi King ( Cao Fang) Disposal time: 240-254 number number: Zhengshi, Jiaping issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Gaogui Township (Cao Fan) Different time: 254-260 Remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Yuan (Cao Yan) Draw time: 260-265 Number: Jingyuan, Xianxi issued coins and remarks:
    —————————————— 581) ———————
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Southern Dynasties: Song (420 ~ 479) ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
    Emperor: Emperor Emperor (Liu Yu) Draw time: 420 ~ 422 Number: Yongchu Issuing Coins and Remarks:
    Emperor: Shao Emperor (Liu Yifu) In the reign time: 422 to 424 number: Jingping issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Wen (Liu Yilong) Destiny time: 424 ~ 453 Number: Yuanjia Issuing Coins and Remarks Emperor: Emperor Xiaowu (Liu Jun) In reign: 453 ~ 464 number number: filial piety, Daming issued coins and remarks: Filial piety four baht, Daming four baht
    : 465 Number: Yongguang, Jing and Issuing Coins and Remarks: Two Baht, Yongguang, Jinghe, Filial Filial Jian (two baht)
    Emperor: Ming Emperor (Liu threshold) Draw time: 465 ~ 472 Number: Thailand: Thailand: Thailand Shi, Thai Yu issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor Emperor: Hou Emperor Cangwu Draws Time: 472 ~ 477 Number: Yuanhui Issuance Coin and Remarks:
    Emperor: Shun Emperor (Liu Zhun) At the time: 477 ~ 479 number: Shengming issued coins and remarks:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ Southern Dynasties: Qi (479 ~ 502) ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Emperor: Gao Di (Xiao Daocheng) reigned: 479 ~ 482 Number: Jianyuan Issuing Coin and Remarks:
    ) Draw time: 482 ~ 493 Number: Yongming issued coins and remarks: Sichuan Mengshan cast south and five baht
    Emperor Emperor (Xiao Yan) Destiny time: 493 ~ 498 number number: Jianwu, Yongtai Issuance Issuance Coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Dongyun Hou (Xiao Baojuan) Remain: 498 ~ 501 Number: Yongyuan Issuing Coin and Remarks:
    Emperor: He Emperor (Xiao Baorong) Different time: 501 ~ 502 Number: ZTE issued coins and remarks:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Southern Dynasties: Liang (502 ~ 557) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rn帝王:武帝(萧衍) 在位时间:502~549 年号:天监、普通、大通、中大通、大同、中大同、 Taiqing issued coins and remarks: Tianjian five baht, formula women's money, back four iron baht, Taiqing Fengle
    Emperor: Jian Wen Emperor (Xiao Gang) Draw time: 549 ~ 551 Number: Dabao Issuing coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Yuan (Xiao Yi's) Remaining time: 552 ~ 554 number number: Chengsheng issued coins and remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Jing (Xiao Fangzhi) Remain: 555 ~ 557 Year number: Shaotai, Taiping issued coins and remarks: Four pillars, five baht, two pillars and five baht

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ South Dynasties: Chen (557 ~ 589) ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Emperor: Emperor Emperor (Chen Ba Xian) reigned: 557 ~ 559 Number: Yongding Issuing Coins and Remarks:
    Emperor: Emperor Wen (Chen Qian (Chen Qian ) Dest time: 560 ~ 566 number number: Tianjia, Tiankang issued coins and remarks: Tianjia five baht
    Emperor Emperor Linhai King Time: 567 ~ 568 number number: Everbright Issuing coins and remarks remarks :
    Emperor: Emperor Xuan (Chen Yan) Destiny: 569 ~ 582 Number: Taijian and Issuing Coins and Remarks: Taichai Six Bah
    Emperor: Hou Lord (Chen Shubao) Disposa Time: 583 ~ 589 Number: 583 ~ 589 Issuing coins and remarks:

    べ _ ⺷ ⺷ ⺷ 5 5 5 5 slowly. Essence Essence o (o_∩) o

  2. Is there a picture? What do you think of the picture? Just like that buddy said ~ There are so many brothers China coins, you don’t let me guess

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