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  1. Podcast, the Chinese translation is not uniform, but the most is translating it as "podcast". It is a type of digital broadcasting technology. In the early stage, a software called "iPodder" combined with some portable players. Recorded online broadcast or similar network audio programs. Netizens can download the online broadcast programs to their own iPod, MP3 player or other portable digital sound message players to listen with them. Enjoy the freedom at any time. What's more meaningful is that you can also make sound show yourself and upload it to the Internet to share with the majority of netizens. Just as the blog subverts the way of passively accepting text information, podcasts subvert the way of passive listening to broadcast and make the audience active participants. Some people say that podcasts may bring another revolution in mass media like blogs. The definition of podcast is still in the debate. The more representative claims are the following three: one. Podcast promoter Doc Searls definition:, Personal Optional Digital Casting. It is a self -service broadcast, a new form of broadcasting. When listening to traditional radio, we are passively listening to the show we may want to listen to, but we choose what we choose to listen to, the time we listen, and how to give others the opportunity to listen. David 6.1 Morning Coffee Notes of Dave Winer: It is special for people, so it is possible for everyone to pursue guests in theory. 2. The definition of Dave Shusher in its "definition": He proposed that three requirements must be possessed: 1. 2. It must be an independent, downloadable media file; The release format of this file is RSS2.0 Enclosure Feed; The receiving terminal can automatically receive, download, and transfer the file to the need to be placed in the player's program list. He believes that downloading MP3 is not Podcast -this is sufficient but not necessary. "Of course, it is good to download, but it is the key to automatically appear for you to play instead of your care. This is the definition of 3. Wikipedia: definitions like wiki are open and dynamic, and by December 13, 2004, 2004 So far, it is defined as: derived from ipod, which has both the meaning. Similar to Tivo, it is only used for audio programs and currently free. However, it should be noted that this technology can "pull" any files, including software updates, photos and videos.
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