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May I ask "Cast" is Shenma? Foreign teachers say it is a bandage? Still gypsum, the result is a checked Baidu, no spectrum, anxious!

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  1. There are many meanings. There are interpretations of verbs and nouns. Among them, there is a meaning of plaster, which is a noun, and an actor role watch, actor lineup, etc.; Verbs are voting, throwing, throwing. See how you use it. Give you an example: SHES CAST OK Three Boy-Friends in a Month. She dumped three boyfriends in a month. The case of the line is cracial to fly find. How to throw the fish line is critical for flying fishing. The angler casst her line into the stream. The fisherman threw the fish line into the stream.
    Cast as an irregular verb. When it means "casting, throwing, throwing, throwing", it is not commonly used in CAST. Generally, it is replaced by Throw; CAST can be used as a dual -object.

  2. vt. Casting; Retoning; projection; falling off, peeling
    n. Casting; actor table; slight strabismus; investing, roll
    vi. Sloping, cast; calculate, add
    third person calls: CASTS Past Form: Cast Past Extraction: CAST is now dividing: Casting

    is easy to be confusing words:

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