5 thoughts on “Can playing Bitcoin really make money?”

  1. Bitcoin is just two Americans developed a program, which generates a string of codes, instead of hard currency like physical gold and silver. Maybe you will say that it is valuable. In fact, his value is only for insiders who play this game. For shops, companies, and even veterans, it is worthless. Maybe you see a lot of appearances, and many people invest in the world, so do you notice that its price fluctuates very strong, and there are dozens to thousands of one. If it is valuable, it will fluctuate so powerful? Do you think that more than 2,000 yuan of washing machines are not easy to sell, it will be sold for you 20 yuan? It can be found in history, I am afraid that the golden coupons issued by the Kuomintang during the liberation of the war, and use a bunch of paper to exchange your real gold and silver! The golden coupon was issued by Lao Jiang and was guaranteed by national taxes. What guarantee does Bitcoin take? Don't believe in those sophistry, say valuable, you can invest like stocks, pure money!

  2. How do you say this? This is the same as buying stocks. It can make money and lose money. This depends on the personal judgment ability, of course, there is also a certain amount of luck. If you do n’t understand Bitcoin, it is recommended to stay away from Bitcoin, or go to Bitcoin Home Network to learn about Bitcoin's basic common sense.

  3. This mainly depends on the personal understanding of personal. Bitcoin ups and downs, the price will change at any time, there is risks to play coins, and you need to be cautious when you enter the industry.

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