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  1. Lucky currency is a new token that can be used to redeem the props or draws in the game. How to get: 1. When logging in to the Speed ​​for the first time every day, the system will give you free 200 lucky currency (once a day); Some lucky draws are obtained.

  2. Dear Hyun Dance player:

    You may be familiar with the word "Q coins", but when it comes to "lucky currency", it is a bit puzzled. In fact, lucky currency is a must -have for QQ Hyun Dance Summer Lucky Battle! With it, you can draw Q coins, diamonds and other awards! So how can I get lucky currency? Let me introduce it now!

    In July 15th to August 31st to Friday from 14 to 16:00 to get online, you can get systemic lucky coins. Participation can turn on the model of the lucky transfer system, and it is also organic when obtaining the treasure chest.

    million q coins giant, dazzling purple diamond, music green diamond VIP free experience big broadcast! Come and join the summer battle during the event! You can live in the live. Page. Face. 100 % chance of winning, making you happy and enjoyable!
    want to adopt
    , thank you

  3. Click on the upper right corner ... Cash to win the prize ... that can be, there are 200, 500.200, 200 can be drawn at any time, 500 is from 7 to 9, 200 points to 2:00 to 4 o'clock to 4 o'clock to 4 o'clock. Row. Hope to adopt, thank you.

  4. After entering the beginning of the page, after changing the cash prize in, there is a amount. According to your own lucky currency, the one can change the props according to the "hot" in the middle.

  5. After entering the speeding car, there are things in the upper right corner. If you change the prize, you can use lucky currency to circulate after entering, and you can get things.

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