2 thoughts on “Is there any requirements for the configuration of the computer?”

  1. Requirements for hardware:
    The minimum hardware configuration: CPU Saiyan 1.7GHz, memory 1GB, available disk space 6GB, 64MB video memory independent graphics card
    Recommended hardware configuration: CPU Pentium 4 2.4GHz, memory 2GB, available disk available disks Space 10GB, 128MB of memory independent graphics card
    Explanation: Virtual Machine refers to a complete computer system that has a complete hardware system function that has a complete hardware system that runs through the software. For the configuration of the computer, it depends on what systems and systems you run. Generally, if a VMware runs a 2003 and an XP for experiments at the same time, the memory is best to have 1g It is dual -core. Otherwise, the system will be very slow. If it is P4 2G. If the 512 memory, it is very difficult to run. It will often make mistakes when doing experiments.

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