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  1. The models that can be selected at 400,000 to 500,000 are very wide. At present, the most mainstream intermediate luxury SUVs can basically include it. If you want to discharge noodles, like Mercedes -Benz GLC, BMW X3, Audi Q5 will be a good choice. If you want to be safe, you can consider the Volvo XC60. If you pursue a stable home, the Lexus RX can meet the needs. How to choose the
    Q5, XC60, GLCX3 and Ling Zhi RX how to choose 400,000 to 500,000 prices can be selected very wide. At present, the most mainstream intermediate luxury SUVs can basically include it. If you want to discharge noodles, like Mercedes -Benz GLC, BMW X3, Audi Q5 will be a good choice. If you want to be safe, you can consider the Volvo XC60. If you pursue a stable home, the Lexus RX can meet the needs. The selection is still demand, followed by the brand's sense of identity and personal preference. Let's take a look at these cars.
    Mercedes -Benz GLC

    GLC is undoubtedly this level of big brother, which is quite good in terms of brand and luxury. The 2020 GLC260 is more luxurious, and the price of naked cars is about 373,800, all of which are around 420,000. The shape of this car is stylish and stylish, full of star, tip of the mesh, shining lights, long side, sexy tail, and significant face value. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T low -power engine with a parameter of 145 kW and 320 nm. The gearbox is equipped with 9 -speed automatic manual integration with a score of 8.4 seconds. The chassis suspension structure is multi -connected before and after, adjusting comfortable, strong and heavy filtering vibration, and it is very comfortable and quiet to run. The four -wheel drive system also gives it a considerable security and a gentle adaptability to the harsh road. In terms of interior, there is no sense of luxury. Many metals, wood grain and leather are attractive in visual and touch. Provide floating large screens and full LCD instruments. The car is smooth, the display is clear, the steering wheel is light, and the 64 -color environment is quite emotional. Empty is spacious. After the wheelbase is extended, the rear row can be tilted and can be enjoyed safely. In general, GLC has a strong comprehensive strength, which is the first choice for noodles.

    BMW X3

    The biggest feature of BMW X3 is the driving sense, inheriting the BMW's sports gene. The 2020 X3 28i M sports version, with a price of about 380,000 and a landing price of about 426,800. This car is a standard axis. The proportion is relatively symmetrical and thin. The front face is prominent. It is particularly three -dimensional. The side is very powerful, the tail is firm, and the bilateral exhaust is very sporty. In terms of power, 28i is equipped with a power version of 2.0T, with a parameter of 165kW and 310NM. The gearbox is equipped with 8 -speed automatic manual integration with a score of 7.6 seconds. It is full of acceleration. Full of joy. The chassis is tough, the side of the curved side is small, the turn is sharp, the body is randomly, and it is easy to drive it to run the mountain. The interior is more traditional, the visual impact is not so high, but the delicate taste is unique, and the internal system is very easy to use. IDrive is an industry benchmark. It is ordinary, and the back row is not very spacious, just enough. If you have a need to drive and do not pursue empty, then X3 is still very good.

    The Audi Q5

    Audi Q5 is the most cost -effective troidee, which is comprehensive in all aspects. The 2020 Q5L enjoys fashion, with a naked car price of about 345,100 and the landing price of about 388,000. Q5L has a good city appearance, soft style, harmonious symmetry and delicate feeling. In terms of power, the 40 version is equipped with a 2.0T low -power engine with a parameter of 140 kW, 320 nm. The gearbox is equipped with a 7 -speed dual -clutch and the zero -speed performance is 8.5 seconds. The gearbox shifts is fast, enough is enough for home, and it is worthy of over -vehicle. The chassis training is mainly comfortable, and at the same time, there are no shortage of toughness, excellent filtering, supporting in place, turning light, and easy driving. In terms of interior, I personally feel that the Q5 interior is the weakest in BBA. Except for interesting virtual cockpits, other aspects are not very prominent technology. It is very empty and the hind legs are very good, but the disadvantage is that the angle of the rear seat cushion is a bit straight. If you want to take care of your face and cost performance at the same time, you can see the Q5L.

    Volvo XC60

    XC60 is also a relatively good car, with a monthly sales of about 7000, which is quite mainstream. The 2021 XC60 T5 four -wheel drive luxury, about 322,900 naked cars, and about 363,400 vehicles. XC60 is tough, and a pair of Thor's hammer headlights in front of the face are very recognizable. The side and tail are coordinated and strong enough, suitable for all age groups. In terms of power, the T5 version is equipped with a 2.0T high -power engine with a parameter of 184 kW and 350 nm. The gearbox is equipped with 8 -speed automatic manual integration, and the score is about 6.8 seconds. The absolute strength is the strongest of all competitors. The chassis training is very difficult, and the running is stable enough. In terms of interior, the Nordic minimalist style, many wood grains are very graded, the functional partition layout is generous, and the operation is smooth, but there is no sense of technology. Empty is enough, but the cushion is a bit hard. Volvo XC60 has advantages in terms of price, power, stable chassis, and security. Low -key driving is meaningful.

    Lexus RX

    Lexus RX is more positioned and is a medium and large car. The biggest feature of this car is stability and reliable quality. 2020 RX two -wheel drive elite, 405,000 naked cars, and about 470,000, you need to decorate. In terms of appearance, there is a sense of big car. The length of the car is close to 4.9 meters. The spine is clear and there are more aura. The power is not so powerful. The 2.0T engine is equipped with 6 -speed automatic manual integration. The score is only 9 seconds, which is slightly euphemistic. The chassis is very comfortable, the bumpy treatment is very good, the rotten road is not abrupt, and the texture is sufficient. In terms of interior, the workmanship is not enough, but the stitching is neat, but the car is a bit rigid, the large screen cannot be touched, and it is a bit rigid. There is no problem in the air. The cushion is soft enough and comfortable to ride. This car was originally imported, the maintenance policy is also good, the size is still relatively large, which is very suitable for home use.

    Summary: The products and brands of five cars are good. It can be said that each car has its own advantages. GLC luxury, X3 sports, Q5 comprehensive, XC60 same cost performance and RX home stability. At a price of 400,000 to 500,000, individuals may recommend GLC. Both the brand and interior are the first place. The empty room is so large that you can drive out with face, and at the same time, it is comfortable, delicate, and advanced.

    Q5L and RX300 are better than home.

    The positioning of these two cars is home. From the perspective of positioning, the Audi Q5L is a typical medium -sized SUV, and the positioning of Lexus RX is medium and large. In fact, the relationship between this car and Highlander is still very close. Compared with Q5L, only RX occupies a larger body size, and the wheelbase is not as long as the Audi Q5L, but there are five seats in Highlander Air House. In terms of power, the price of most of the RX300 and Audi Q5L can be selected. If you calculate the discount, the 2.0T high -power version of the Audi Q5L can also be freely selected, and the RX series has not discounted, and some places have to increase the price. In fact, in terms of driving experience, the low -power version of the Audi Q5L performs well. Although only 190 horsepower, the actual driving performance is good, and the chassis suspension is very solid. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, the high -power version will be better. Although RX's power does not suffer in the parameters, it is about two tons of reserve weight, four -wheel drive and two -wheel drive versions. In addition, Lexus is more comfortable, so it doesn't look like the performance of 238 horsepower cars. Therefore, despite the different data, we only talk about subjective feelings. Lexus looks very sporty, but it is actually very comfortable, and the Audi Q5L personally feels that it should be younger. As for the four -wheel drive system, the four -wheel drive versions of the two cars are timely four -wheel drive, and the Q5L is more controversial. I personally think that the Q5L's four -wheel drive system is more in line with the positioning of this generation of products. After all, it is changed. There is no way. The four -wheel drive of RX is more to strengthen the stability of the body. I personally think that if Q5L usually drives more and drives more in the urban area, it has higher requirements for air and higher requirements for passengers. Then you can consider more RX series. Q5L is indeed a good home luxury SUV. Finally, the maintenance cost of the later period. The Lexus RX300 has four years of free warranty and maintenance of 100,000 kilometers. The project covers is quite comprehensive, and the stability is good in the later period. Moreover, RX's later value preservation rate is good, because the price of new cars is stable, just because it is an imported car. If it involves maintenance, it will be more troublesome than most domestic models. However, after the Audi Q5L is discounted, there is still a price gap with RX, so my personal suggestion is to try it first to see which one is more eye -catching.

    Q5, XC60, GLCX3 and Ling Zhi RX how to choose @2019

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