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  1. The space riding space is greatly improved

    n The new M264 series engine 2020 GLC L SUV is equipped with a new M264 series 2.0T high -power engine, the maximum The power is 190kW (258 PS) and the peak torque is 370N · m. It is matched with a 9-speed automatic transmission, and it takes 6.9 seconds to accelerate at 0-100km/h.

    The full -time four -wheel drive system shows nearly perfect power distribution by coordinating, which not only enhances the dynamic and comfort of driving, but also improves the stability and stability of the vehicle on the humidity, ice and snow road surface and the snow and ice road surface. Dieving.

    Editor's comment: Although the 2020 GLC L SUV is used as a medium -term modified model, the changes this time are in key parts. The improvement is better than the same level. The only regret is that it has not adopted a dazzling integrated penetrating screen. (Figure/text/photo: Wang Zihang)
    Expand the remaining full text (1/3) interior: replace the full LCD instrument disk back to the top
    The SUV interior does not use the integrated penetration screen of the Mercedes -Benz family, but instead replace the full LCD instrument panel and a larger suspended touch screen. In addition, the configuration of the 64 -color atmosphere light, the sound of Berlin, the MBUX smart human -computer interaction system, and the AR virtual reality navigation system are all assembled.

    The safety configuration, the 2020 GLC L SUV is not weak at all. The entire system is standard. The 300L is also equipped with an active blind spot auxiliary system, a vehicle maintenance assistance system, and a traffic identification assistance system.

    3 Space

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