1 thought on “How to set up q coins payment mobile games on Apple mobile phones”

  1. Some friends want to use the Q coin recharge game when using the iPhone Apple device, but do not know how to operate, then I will introduce it to you.

    The specific:
    1. In the first step, in the Q coin consignment service, the Q coins are exchanged for money in WeChat, Alipay or bank cards.

    2. Step 2, after successful exchange, click and open the AppStore software.

    3. Step 3, slide down the page, then click on your Apple ID account.

    4. Step 4, in the pop -up window shown below, click to view the Apple ID option.

    5. Step 5, we can see the account setting page shown in the figure below, click the recharge option.

    6. Step 6, after coming to the recharge page, select the amount, then select the payment method, and then click the next option in the upper right corner of the page to complete the recharge.

    above is the method of how to operate the q coin recharge game of the iPhone Apple device.

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