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  1. The Q coins on Apple mobile phones can recharge the game. You can first convert Q coins to money, and then recharge to the Apple Application Center recharge game

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  2. The method of iOS using Q coin games, taking iPhone8 mobile phone as an example:

    1, playing the glory landing interface of the king.
    2. Open the additional number in the upper right corner, let's click in and make sure. Degree
    3, then select to ask the recharge option.
    4, a dialog box will be jumped at this time, which is like this.

    5. After entering the payment interface, it is found that only balance payment and bank card payment.
    6. Show the appropriate way to pay, show that it has been successfully completed to buy.
    . Note:
    1. In the process of using mobile phones, we must regulate the mobile phone.
    2. Without knowing how iOS uses Q coins to charge games, you must contact the professional respondent for processing
    . Apple iOS system charging money
    1, Apple iOS’s Charging money is used to buy apps or others. Recovery can be used to recharge online or bind a bank card to achieve the buying function.
    2. When applying for the Appleid account, one is used to bind the bank card card. When applying, it has already binded a bank card and can be used to buy payment. After clicking the purchase of the purchase, it will be deducted directly in the binding bank card. rn3、在申请账号的时候没有绑定银行卡,那么进入到AppStore里面之后点击需要度购买的app之后,就会提示无法完成,需要充值,点击充值进入,确知定充值的金额以及The recharge bank card, follow the steps to make the corresponding recharge function, and then deduct the corresponding amount of the purchase app in the amount of recharge.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to serve you. How Apple uses the Q coin recharge method and what is supplemented by Q coins information. As shown in the figure below, thank you for your consultation and wish you a happy new year! May all go well with you!nMore 2nBleak

  4. Hello
    Apple mobile phones cannot use Q coins to recharge the voucher in the recharge of the game. If Q coins have been recharged, it is recommended that you use a platform to sell Q coins.
    Then use Q coins to sell money, recharge the game voucher.

  5. 1. If the Apple mobile phone is charged with Q coins, you first need to convert Q coins to the money in WeChat, Alipay or bank cards through Q coins.
    2, after exchange, turn on the appstore in the phone, and then pull down.
    3, after pulling to the following, click on your Apple ID account.
    4, the pop -up window, click to view the ID.
    5, after entering, you can see the recharge button, click.
    6. Select the corresponding payment amount and method according to your own needs.

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