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  1. Solomon Industrial Internet Project from the 0 ~ 1 process
    This this article is submitted to the operation from the concept structure of the Internet project of Solomon Industry. , Has a high learning reference value.
    The project maker from the Yunnan Dianchi Summit said that to the Inner Mongolia Grassland Summit to comprehensively promote and deepen the construction of the industrial Internet project, which marks another solid steps that the system has taken forward.
    The teacher Shao Dan has long told us that 99%of him is ready, is 1%ready? Let ’s take the project from 0 in the early stage of the Town Temporary Working Group for learning the industry Internet and Solomon matrix system. ~ 1 The understanding and practice make a sharing. Please be positive in various working groups across the country!
    Remember that on March 10 this year, I sorted out the four major genetic elements of Teacher Shandan's industrial Internet project, namely: socialization, excavation, credit recruitment, and price price Separation from value, and "Talking about Solomon Industry Internet Project Construction Essentials", which has caused the enthusiasm of participating in the participation of the majority of creators. Soon, the first project maker was published in the system.
    I repeatedly emphasized in the working group that everyone came to Solomon to get results, realize ideals, and change my life. The carrier of this "result" is "project". A real Internet project from birth to the final delivery system is roughly divided into the following six steps (the process of completing 0 ~ 1):
    . Learning.
    The learning is the most important. It is impossible not to learn the industrial Internet, and it is impossible to give birth to good projects. I remember the end of Wuzhen National Conference and went to Hangzhou with Shao Dan. The teacher asked: What do you think of Solomon through the Wuzhen Summit? I think for a long time and think that there are too many things about Solomon to say. I do Every meeting will have different understanding and surprises. A sentence summarizes is "learning, learning, and learning." Later, "learning, learning, and learning" became a common language for our Solomon family to encourage everyone.
    The learning industry Internet thinking, you need to learn how the industry Internet is value innovation, mechanism innovation, how to bring value increase, and how the value increase is reflected in virtual capital and intelligent assets. These virtual capital and smart assets are again. How to reflect through digital currencies. Eventually realized that Solomon will inevitably change the tradition. From the starting point of material -based to people as the core point, the credit links, information symmetry between people, socialization, synergy, sharing, unlimited giving, super -needed allocation, super -needed allocation, super -needed distribution, super -needed allocation, super -needed allocation, super -needed allocation, super -needed distribution. Really achieve the realm of "talking about love and changing the world smoothly".
    . conceive.
    It learned Solomon and wrote his experience. This is the maker. Write the idea of ​​project structure and refine it. This is the project maker.
    Themaker said that the constructive ideas sent out on the text. It has the characteristics of project discussion, modification, and landing to avoid trial and error costs.
    The writing of project makers do not have to be afraid. But from easy to difficult, don't be discouraged even if you can't publish it. Put on the pillow, keep replenishing and perfecting the materials, and slowly optimize.
    This Write Maker said that the most taboo advertising introduces his own products. Opposing the four gene elements of raising hard sets to construct the four genes, and formed a new eight -stranded text routine. Judging from the submission of project makers. These two types of projects say a lot. As for the project maker from online excerpts, pieces, and plagiarism, it will not be mentioned here.
    three, raw hair.
    We Solomon people know that the project grows out of the heart, not coming to.
    The project will be based on my personal understanding must be that you have been in this industry for many years, knowing the difficulties and pain points of this industry. The traditional means are difficult to solve this pain point. If you use the Internet means to solve this difficulty and pain point, the process of solving is the process of project implementation operation. This is the development of Internet projects.
    , for example, I was engaged in the real estate industry. I know that the industry's development and inventory status in recent years. Decoration and digestive stocks are the biggest pain points in the industry. By learning the Solomon Industry Internet, the "World E Family" project with an industrial Internet gene was produced. The "E -World E Family" solves the two pain points of real estate developers in urgent need to go inventory and buy housing owners to activate idle assets. Based on the issue of tourism housing, we have drawn on the mature experience of foreign leisure tourism and vacation, and activated existing assets and potential resources.
    If, Secretary -General Zhang Shunxian in Wuzhen Temporary Working Group combined with his own industry (building materials sales), and found the pain points of this industry. With the cooperation and help of the working group, the "home improvement master" Internet project was born. This Solved the pain point of the last meter of the after -sales service of building materials. This project working group has officially entered the incubation stage, and the effect prospects are very optimistic. There are currently three projects in our working group that are about to enter the incubation stage.
    4. Incubation.
    The Internet projects that we have issued to be born (from paper to reality) will definitely need a process of incubation, which can be divided into:
    . The test of the development of the development project: deep learning, virtual reality, recognition, recognition Knowing computing and universal calculation, etc.;
    . Incubation points: the project team submits application of shell application, shell organization review, incubation service, and follow-up support of incubation objects (the work group decides to incubate a project to invest 50 to 100,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 Yuan activity funds), incubation out of the shell;
    . Examination criteria: Use seven major thinking to test the incubation projects, namely: Internet thinking, user thinking, cross -border thinking, platform thinking, data thinking, financial thinking, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology, ecology Thinking has five or more applications to the shell application. After collective discussions, development, modification, supplement, and iteration after the project team, the shell is incubated.
    5. Trial operation.
    The project must be tried and run after the project is successful (small, demo). This is the most important link. It is a process of reducing the cost of trial and error, the delivery of results, and ensuring success (must ensure that the items are handed over to the system to detonate the detonation of the system detonation. 100 % successful, you must not transfer trial and error costs and potential risks to the system).
    The trial operation includes:
    1. The preparation and expert review of project feasibility reports;
    . Market analysis; prospects, scale, entrance, critical point, etc.;
    . Teams, teams Establish; organizational structure and operating framework.
    4. Coordinating and planning of financial funds (work groups are estimated to invest 200-5 million yuan in preliminary expenses for each trial operation project);
    5. Plan for risk control and venture capital.
    6. Project submission system and detonation.
    1. Project file transfer;
    2. Team transfer; operation team transfer.
    3. Corporate operation: company constitution and equity incentive plan.
    The conclusion: 0 ~ 1 of the project is from scratch, reduced trial and error, step by step, internal testing and packaging process, even after handing it to the system, it will still be iterative optimization. Do the projects, build well, fall, and accept.

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