In addition to inspiring employees with salary, what other non -monetary motivation is there? Intersection

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  1. Professor William James in Harvard University in the United States pointed out in the book "Behavior Management" that through incentive research on employees, he found that employees who implemented pieces of pieces of pieces had only 20%to 30%; Its capabilities can be played to 80%~ 90%. In other words, the role of a person played after receiving full incentives was 3 to 4 times before the incentive.

    Che comprehensive incentive theory of Potter and Lawler, comprehensive incentive theory is a kind of incentive theory proposed by American behavior scientists Edward Laul and Lehman Potter. The so -called "comprehensive" just means that this model proposes two types of compensation, that is, external rewards and internal compensation. The comparison and interaction of these two kinds of compensation have led to the diverse, comprehensive, comprehensive, comprehensive, comprehensive, comprehensive, all -round, all -round, all -round, all -round, all -round, all -round, all -round, all -round, all -round, compassion. Based on the theory of many factors.

    teamtoken employee wallet creator is the company with incentive corporate management software cloud (SaaS). The core value is to provide an employee wallet for each employee, so that each employee has his own own own own Point accounts, cash currency accounts, virtual stock accounts, option accounts, corporate annuity accounts, etc. to realize the digital assets of management employees in enterprises. It also provides an application ecosystem with incentives as the core, including team collaboration software, performance management software, CRM CRM Software, etc., these softwares are also data sources of employee wallets, allowing work, performance, sales and other work to reflect the recognition of employee work in real time, and reward corresponding points, cash, stocks or options Essence Navigation and permissions are clear, with many functions and in -depth functions, and large, small and small enterprises are suitable. Open ports can be embedded in nails and corporate WeChat.

    . Each employee has three dynamic storage and incentives accounts

    1, integral account (quantitative process, recognition feedback) integration account, recognize feedback

    Applying points

    The employees can apply for points by themselves, and they can also apply for points for others. The reviewer reviews the application. Points are a kind of recognition feedback on the work process and good behavior. The integration standard can be set by the enterprise managers themselves. Enterprises can guide the behavior of employees into the direction advocated by the values ​​of enterprise through setting the integration standard.

    If: quantitative process (recognition feedback), integral rewards are an internal reward, and external incentives such as cash rewards and equity incentives to form complementary relationships: behavior, tasks, reports, sales applications: trigger trigger trigger One of the basis for rewards can also be used as one of the important basis for performance assessment

    2, cash account (reward results, short -term incentives)
    n Token) Stimulate employees that cash coins can withdraw, purchase benefits, and subscribe to virtual stocks in the future. It can be applied in scenarios such as performance bonuses, commission rewards, special rewards, and year -end rewards. Cash coins are issued by corporate credit as an endorsement. Enterprises use future funds to motivate current employees.

    Consumer rights

    employees pass "consumer right cash coin" or "consumer points" to purchase welfare products, consumer rights are obtained by rewards
    consumer rights rights Just like the "food ticket" in the planned economy era, the company realizes the key to release the benefits of planning

    Miscove rights

    Generally, employees can hold the withdrawal rights to be faster. Applying for withdrawal, the time, amount and group of cash currency monetization by issuing withdrawal rights to grasp the cash coin, the management of the withdrawal right has a large relationship with the corporate cash flow situation, and the enterprise is distributed according to its own situation.

    The subscription rights

    employees hold the right to subscribe to the company's virtual equity. Enterprises control the group, quantity and quantity and quantity and quantity and quantity and At the time, employees holding virtual stocks are the key training objects. Generally, only long -term incentive employees only issue the right to subscribe.

    3, stock account (reserved, long -term incentive)

    In help enterprises do a good job of equity incentives, and dynamically manage each employee holding. Equity incentives are an important way to stay in talent and a effective tool for long -term incentives. Virtual stocks can be obtained through rewards or proactive subscriptions. Purpose: Reserve talents (long -term incentives), source: reward (triggers from points ranking, performance, key results, etc.), application: dividend, shareholder identity. Trigger the reward to obtain stocks, and obtain stocks fixed according to indicators such as performance and points rankings.

    The stock subscription

    The company can release equity subscription according to the actual situation. Employees can subscribe for equity according to their needs. Payment methods can be set to cash coin payment or RMB payment.

    If virtual stock transactions

    It virtual stocks can set the transaction locking period and can be sold after expiration. This function can be closed

    The equity subscription can be required to hold subscription rights to limit the subscription population and subscription priority

    4, work application tools With reward
    Mission collaboration: task management, comprehensive score of task management, task difficulty, and completion of quality

    Performance management: Open performance and cash coin rewards
    CRM (will soon be launched ): Through the management of customer management and sales management, the performance of cash coins is rewarded

    blockchain , store employees' digital assets in the enterprise
    For employee incentives, cash coins account, record employee cash coin transfer records, equity registration, as the company's equity register

    Welfare mall

    , Employees purchase benefits through points and cash coins

  2. In the final analysis, the inspiration is the problem of money. The others can only take two days. No money and no one will do it for a long time.

  3. 1. Establish a performance assessment system
    Colon the effective performance assessment system, understand and standardize the indicators, basis, scoring standards and reward systems of performance evaluation, and choose the appropriate evaluation method for the actual situation and characteristics of the company. And make the performance assessment system correctly and reasonable, effective. There are many methods of performance evaluation, but they all have their own advantages and defects. Therefore, after considering all aspects, we must choose a reasonable evaluation method, and it must be reasonable for the results of the assessment.
    2. Increase the implementation of the incentive mechanism

    The incentive mechanism of an enterprise should be implemented, rather than focusing on formalization. Enterprises should establish a fair, fair, reasonable incentive system that is suitable for its own business development. Establish a long -term awareness of internal competition and individuals, build a effective corporate incentive management system, and implement it in strict accordance with the incentive management system and adhere to it for a long time. Establish a reasonable salary structure, the design of the salary system must be scientific and fair, and the establishment of a certain competitive salary. The high salary of enterprises can attract talents outside the enterprise and some corporate elites. Reasonable salary will bring higher companies to the enterprise higher. Satisfaction and loyalty will also reduce the rate of departure of corporate employees. Reasonable design meets the welfare projects needed by employees. Enterprises with a comprehensive welfare system will attract external employees and retain internal employees. If the welfare system is well designed, it can increase employees' loyalty and trust in the enterprise, and it will also help enterprises to attract talents Essence To achieve linked salary and performance, the combination of salary and performance can mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise employees.
    3. Respect the differences in personality of employees
    respects the differences of individuals. Because from different regions, it has different gender, educational background and personal experience, which will inevitably produce different thinking methods, behavioral characteristics and style of work. The biggest feature of creativity is that the excellent talents with creative potential often have a strong personality, or the creativity of outstanding talents often contains its unique and distinctive personality.
    4. Training incentive
    Through training, employees can change the attitude of employees, increase knowledge, improve skills, stimulate creativity and potential. On the other hand Employment ability. Therefore, the company should increase investment in employee training and development, and provide employees with learning opportunities for education and continuously improve their skills.
    5, the company's practical facts, pragmatic
    The reduction of invalid overtime, encouraging employees to improve work efficiency, overtime if there is something, let employees have more time to learn and grow themselves. This is also the road to healthy and orderly development.

    6. Using an innovative employee incentive tools to motivate employees
    teamtoken- to incentive corporate management software, provide a wallet for each employee of the enterprise, use this wallet to motivate employees, and use equity with equity. Incentives and other ways to motivate employees. Let the employees have the spirit and sense of belonging, together with the enterprise, generate an economic community, and let the employees and the enterprise grow together. Maslo's demand theory no longer meets the needs of all employees. You can try employee wallets, and use Potter and Laul's comprehensive incentives to develop employee incentives for enterprises.

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