5 thoughts on “What is the international market of gold foreign exchange?”

  1. The international market means that the world is traded in a market. Foreign exchange defines a payment voucher for international settlement used by foreign currency. In the foreign exchange market, investors call foreign exchange investment refers to the use of the high and low fluctuations of the exchange rates of the two countries to earn benefits. In the market, the price of exchange rates is unified worldwide. Chinese, Americans, British and other people buy and sell at the same price at the same time. So foreign exchange investment is international. The same is true for gold investment. Now the gold price of the international market is mainly attached to the two markets. The British and American gold markets are labeled in the international US $ 100 million, so anyone buying is the same price, which is a unified market.

  2. The international market exists in the form of US dollars, and the spot gold (London Gold), the paper gold launched by the bank, and the golden TD belong to the inner disk

  3. International Gold is London Gold. Foreign Exchange International is a trading foreign exchange market composed of many Canadian banks, not a platform. There are many platforms in this market. Generally speaking, the price of transactions is the same. However, the point difference may be different.

  4. It refers to the international market that can be used as a foreign exchange gold, such as China has a stock (Shanghai Stock Index), then there are softwares with indexes (German index, etc.) in foreign countries.

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