5 thoughts on “In the era of win -win cooperation, what should your partners do not work hard?”

  1. Lift the cooperative relationship, because the partners do not explain that they do not have the ability to cooperate, so it is best to clarify the relationship to prevent the other party from dragging back legs.

  2. If you encounter such a situation, it is best to change a partner, because a good partner can bring a very big role to himself, make your career smoother, and it can be much easier.

  3. Can you talk to your partner? What difficulties have you encountered? Talk about the difficulties that have been experienced by everyone for entrepreneurship. If you don't want to operate in partnership, then one party can withdraw from

  4. If this is the case, then it should really be as separate as your partner, otherwise it will bring you a lot of trouble in future cooperation.

  5. The once vigorous Internet restaurant West Master's meat clip announced the scatter. The reasons are intricate, and one of the critical factor is that one of the founders Meng Bing's dissatisfaction with Song Xin's work attitude -the partners are not good at doing it.
    Master Western Master may have been a promising star startup company, but it has fallen apart when he just stepped on. A popular sentence "I am not afraid of God -like opponents, I am afraid of pig -like teammates." For entrepreneurs, if you do not choose the right partner, it is the beginning of all nightmares.
    Is when you are tired like a dog, your partners look at the scenery and drink tea. If you don't do anything, you can get the same return as you hold the equity of the company.
    The entrepreneurship is not a family. Even if your heart is wide enough, I am afraid that you can only endure a lifetime. After all, the partner is like a life partner. There is still a long way to go. If you have a problem, you will be dispersed. No matter how good the entrepreneurial projects are, they will be destroyed by the internal entrepreneurial team of the entrepreneurial team. On the contrary, finding the reason why the partners do not do well and actively resolve contradictions are the best strategy.
    Is must communicate between partners in time
    . If you feel that the partner is not doing well, as his partner, the first thing you need to figure out is why he is not good at doing it, it is a natural laziness? Or lack of ability? Or is there any dissatisfaction and deliberately be negatively idle? After finding the problem, you must communicate with your partner.
    Mee "We are good brothers, I'm sorry to say." If you are a good brother, you should find out the first time the problem and point him to help him return to the right track.
    This frozen three feet, not a day cold. In fact, many partners did not have much contradiction at the beginning. Because of the lack of communication, they accumulated more and more contradictions. In the end, they were out of control and even turned their eyes. Therefore, communication is the principle that the partners must follow. Frank, communicate more, let the problem be obedient.
    The partners must clearly clarify their responsibilities and obligations
    The rules and regulations are not just regulatory employees. Do not need the system because you are iron buddies and brothers.
    Surly when you find that you can't get up, but your partner is very leisurely, you have to reflect on whether there is a problem with the company's rules and regulations, such as the responsibilities and obligations of the partners. In the early days of the establishment of the company, many entrepreneurs are often based on trustworthy operations between shareholders or "brothers". As a result, responsibility is unclear, and power and responsibility are unclear. The best solution is to clarify the duties of both parties and actively mobilize the subjective initiative of partners.
    The clear assessment standards and rewards and punishments are also a magic weapon to prevent partners who do not do well. You can do it well, provided that you have already prepared for receiving punishment and shame. The system of prize and punishment is to throw the problem to the partners. After all, you do, and the system is there.
    It between partners should be responsible for each other
    A good partners are not born. Only by continuously running -in can the tacit partner. Since you chose him as a partner at the beginning, it shows that he has something to do. If one day you find that your partner starts to be negatively slackened, don't be busy accusing him, to find out whether he has encountered difficulties. If we can use a positive attitude to guide him to overcome bad emotions, it is not only responsible for him, but also to ourselves and the company.
    I Chinese people pay attention and expensive. Even more like it is to do business. If the partner can "seeks the same, save the difference." For the sake of each other's common cause, you can completely kill the contradictions in the bud.
    The youngest female director of Starbucks, Shi Zongwei admits: "Evaluation, attraction and establishment of reliable working relationships with co -founders, early employees and investors is the key to determining success or failure."
    supporting each other Land through the emotional roller coaster that all startups need to experience. The rules and regulations can restrict the behavior of partners, but the system is dead, people are alive, how can they make money without being kind? Even if it can only be scattered in one shot, then at the beginning of the company's establishment, we must do a good job of the partner's equity in and withdrawn. In order to avoid equity disputes when the final gang was scattered.

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