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  1. Hu Lianxin is around 21 years old:
    Hu Lianxin was born on September 4, 2000, born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, an actress in Mainland China, an artist of Shanghai Dabai Xiaobi Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.
    He Lianxin starred in the first TV series in August 2019 Our Southwest University, which officially entered the entertainment industry. Its main film and television works include the ideal life of love, Kunlun Silk Road Treasure, etc.
    In June 2019, joined Tencent Pictures's first new literary innovative plan, becoming Tencent Pictures New Literary and Creative Artists.
    In August 2020, Hu Lianxin starred in the modern legendary drama Kunlun Silk Road Treasure, and played Yida in the play and the courage to explore.
    On November 23, the list of candidate actors was preferred to be selected for the young actors of the film channel. On December 31st, at the Zhejiang Satellite TV 2021 New Year's Eve Party, Xia Ruoyan sang songs to fall in love.
    On March 1, 2021, the ideal life of the urban emotional drama love landed on Hunan Satellite TV. Hu Lianxin played Qi Yue of creating dreams with comics. In addition, Hu Lianxin also for the show and many artists. The ending of the record was regretful, and the episodes walked into the dream barefoot.
    The same month, participating in the world of TV shows. On July 1, the film 1921 was scheduled to be released in mainland China, playing Cheng Junying in the film.

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