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  1. Daobai bears (details introduction)
    Daobai bears (details introduction) but a very interesting and stylish dog species! Its body is strong and coordinated, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with emperor -like manners. However, in order to maintain the beauty of the big white bear dog, it also needs to cut the hair regularly!

    1. After bathing the big white bears, use high -power fans to blow dry. Note that the windshield should not be too large, so as not to scare the dog with noise.
    2. Try the excess of the beard and its face.
    3. Cut off the excess hair and excess hair of the inside of the ears.
    4. The bottom version of the feet.
    5. Cut off the excess hair around the flesh and the joints of the legs to show the large discord of the foot, and the legs Mao combs.
    6. The daily care of pet dogs is relatively simple. It does not require too complicated steps. Until some, the daily wash of the big white bear dogs has basically been completed.
    In addition to the temperature, the big white bear dog will not be used to the sound of strong winds against it, and the sound of the hair dryer. If you adapt, you can buy beautiful clothes to cover the ugliness, so that it will not see its light for the time being. Can't be fierce, play more with it, soothe it, and boast it more beautiful to build confidence. If you accidentally hurt the dog when shaving, you need to deal with it in time when you have a small wound. Remember to wipe and disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide every day.

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