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  1. Used: coarse wool (cotton wire, wool thread, etc.), 8.0mm hook needles (can also adjust the wire and hook needle model by rules).

    The first line: starting with 27 stitches and starting into the third needle.

    Rotors 2: 2 locks, turn over, we pick the rear half needle without reducing the hook and a long needle.

    Round 3-23: Hook method with the second line (each line is hook the rear half needle).

    . Then we fold the weaving slices. Leave the head of the head hat.

    . The top of the hat: the hook needle penetrates into the horizontal braid needle below, hooks the line, and then put into the next horizontal braid needle in turn, hook the line, and so on. Essence Then we tightened the line and the top of the hat was formed.

    . Finally, add the velvet ball to the top of the hat (buy a ready -made or hook one by yourself, it is recommended to match a larger fur plush ball better).

  2. The hat hook needle method 1 First, we first raised a small circle, and then hook the 12 needle long needles to form a circle. 2 Plus one needle in the second circle and turn into 24 stitches. In the future, a needle is also added to the appropriate width (6-7 lap) each in the future. 3 Then start hooking flowers, the depth of the hat 4 I use this flower 5, don't hook up a circle, leave some empty 6 back and forth to the hat depth of the hat 7

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