5 thoughts on “What should I do if there are too many puppies at home? A dozen? Does anyone want”

  1. What dogs are your dog raised? It should be given away, if someone must want it. It depends on what dog. The variety is slightly better, you can sell it. If you are a soil dog, you can ask your neighbors nearby? You can also be online. Ask if there are friends who want it? A little closer. Let her come to your house to catch it. If you raise dogs. It's best to raise a dog. The adopted bitch looks like this, the old boss.

  2. If this situation is a precious puppy, it may still be sold. Some people want it. If it is a normal dog, no one wants it. In this case, puppy can be sterilized. Prevent regeneration in the future.

  3. Hello, if there are too many puppies at home, you can go to the pet shop to ask or see if anyone nearby wants to raise a puppy. Friends and friends can ask them, so if no one wants, then you can only ask the pet shop people.

  4. If it is in the township and towns, it will be very sought after, and the urban area will be troublesome. Essence My family has always wanted a powerful puppy. It's too difficult to find, there are too few bosses to support the bitch

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