How do you think the dog has rabies?

How do you think the dog has rabies? Can the rabies disease be dyed in the injection of rabies vaccine? Check the dog for dogs to get rabies. How much does it cost? How can I form a pet dog vaccine regularly?

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  1. This is unspeakable. During the incubation period, dogs with rabies virus basically have no obvious symptoms. They eat and drink normally. Occasionally, the murderer phenomenon can be seen, but it is often difficult to distinguish.
    Buy disease is also called water terrorist disease. It is a kind of acute human beast that is mainly caused by rabies virus to infringe the central nervous system. Animals with rabies virus, especially dogs, are the source of infection of the disease.
    mainly spread through bite. Some dogs that seem normal may also carry rabies virus, causing infection to people.
    So to prevent rabies, managing dogs is very important. Family dogs should be vaccinated in time for rabies vaccines. For wild dogs and stray dogs, they must be managed and immune. Disaster animals should also be burned or deeply buried.

  2. You can see if the dog biting your dog has some symptoms below, you can determine whether the dog has rabies 1. Emotions and restless barking. 2. It is particularly sensitive to light and sound, hiding in the dark place Or keep walking around 3. The appetite is greatly changed, the amount of food is increased or reduced. 4. The order of the owner will no longer obey, it becomes not listening to it. Fear, so rabies are also called water disease 6. Finally, the attacking people and other animals began to attack people and other animals, with muscle trembling, convulsions, and dying of body failure. 7. Usually we see if a dog is a crazy dog: Do you like to hide in the dark? Barking, cold and bite.

  3. 1. All warm blood animals can be infected with rabies, but the degree of sensitivity is different. An animal is more susceptible to rabies transmitted in the same animal.
    2. Most sensitive: mammalian. In nature, rabies have been seen in house dogs, wild dogs, cats, wolves, foxes, crickets, pupa, pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, camels, bear, deer, elephant, hare, squirrel, Itachi and other animals.
    3. Symptoms of infection:
    are violent type: mainly in personality changes: divided into three periods, front -drive periods, excitement and paralysis period. The spirit is gloomy, afraid of light and dullness, slow response, bite to eat foreign bodies, actively attacked people and other animals.
    is paralysis: rare. The symptoms of paralysis are the main symptoms, and the whole body muscles are paralyzed, difficult to stand, lying on the ground, convulsions, tongue out, saliva, and finally the respiratory center paralysis or failure.
    4 Treatment: Dogs and cats such as warm blood animals have been developed after rabies. (Just like the AIDS of our human AIDS), the dogs are only vaccinated with dogs in the early stage. When it is three months old, it can be immunized according to the prescribed injection procedures.

  4. Usually there are rabies virus in the saliva of dogs. Only when they are bitten and the saliva that is exposed to the dog can be transmitted, and not all dogs carry rabies virus. So you can rest assured. However, if the rabies have a rabies, it is terrible.

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