1 thought on “Which good dog in Beijing Dog Farm is the quality of the dog?”

  1. Which one is good in Beijing dog farm? The first question for buyers in Beijing. Most of the Beijing dog farm is in Tongzhou. As the largest dog farm in Beijing, the dragon pet breeding base hopes to help everyone analyze from the following perspective:

    1, the dog field is good or not, the dog is the dog. Examples of the field. The strength of the dog farm is not simply reflected in funding. The most important thing is that the dog's breeding is reflected. There are many dog ​​farms in Beijing, but there are not many dog ​​fields with their own breeding strength.

    2, whether the dog's bloodline is pure. The dog's dog blood is a key part of ensuring the appearance of dogs and quality. We choose the Beijing dog farm to pay attention to the quality of the dog. Only the dog field with pure dog quality is a good dog field.

    3, the operation time of the dog field. Because pure dog breeding takes a few years or even more than ten years, we choose a dog farm to look at an important reason for the operation time.

    4, the price of dog field dogs. The price of a real good quality dog ​​is absolutely not cheap. In addition to sick dogs, cheap dogs are skewers, because the cost of real dog breeding and breeding is very high.

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