3 thoughts on “What is the hair of the dog's hair and what to eat to make the dog's hair bright”

  1. My dog ​​has always been fed by phosphorus. Many of the nutritional products on the market are attractive, and the source of nutritional elements is not quality assurance. The only phosphate ingredients are lecithin, beef ingot and a few flavors of traditional Chinese medicine. So I am very relieved, my dog ​​has been using it, and there is almost no problem with skin and hair, which is very easy to use! More content can be Baidu.

  2. Egg yolks, or those who sell lecithin can make the hair color brighter. Be careful not to give it food and food with taste.

  3. It is better to eat anything as you eat, and you do n’t feed chicken bones. You do n’t see the life process of those meat chickens, that is, mixtures of drugs, hormones, and dirty water. The garbage can no longer garbage. Do n’t eat it for dogs.

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