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  1. What kind of small dogs are good
    What kind of small dogs are good? Small dogs are actually more suitable for living in cities than large dogs, because they need less exercise and smaller activity space. However, there are dozens of small dogs. The following is good to know what kind of small dogs are raised.
    What variety of small dogs is good 1, Chihuahua
    Speaking of small dogs, I have to mention Chihuahua, the smallest dog in the world. This dog is small in size and small exercise. It is necessary to go to walk, so it is more convenient in family feeding, but this dog is more timid, likes to fight for pets, and has a stubborn personality. The shoveling officer needs to be trained carefully.

    2. Big Bear Dog
    Biens are ideal family dogs. They are docile, lively and cute, and are more friendly to everyone and the same kind. Although they have a soft hair, it is not easy During the hair, you only need to sort out regularly, which is loved by people. The only disadvantage may be too sticky.

    3. Varigamin
    Prinkers are a very popular dog species. The streets and alleys are everywhere. They have high IQs, very smart and lively, and small body shapes. They need the owner to spend comparison comparison Come with more time.

    . The butterfly dog ​​
    is named after the shape of its ears. It is a relatively famous small dog. It is loved by girls and is lively and cute. It is also smarter. Although the body is small but adventurous, the owner needs to train carefully.

    5. Corgi dog
    Corgi is the favorite dog of the Queen of English. The calf round butt is a major feature. Although the legs are short, it used to be a small type The shepherd is used to drive the cattle. Live and cute personality, super cure. (Some people think that Corgi is a medium -sized dog, and some think it is a small dog.)

    6. Bomei
    is also a very popular pet dog. It is loved by girls, Bowome is also smarter, lively, and very suitable for family care.

    7. Sherina
    Sherina is also an ideal family dog. Many people claim that they have raised Sherina and do not want to raise other dog breeds. With a long beard, although the body shape is small, he used to be a mouse catcher. He has full energy, curious and strong. In the daily process, it is necessary to prevent skin diseases.

    8. Bagu dog
    The flat face of the Bagu dog's unknown, inexplicable feels cute. This dog is very patient, gentle, and likes to play. Because of the folds on the face, it needs to be cleaned regularly. In summer, you should pay attention to body temperature, which is easy to overheat heatstroke.

    9. Shi Shi dogs
    Inned to listen to the name, you know that the Shi Shi dog is a lively and cute dog species. Live character, kind and gentleness to people, the most noticeable thing is long hair, which needs to be taken care of regularly. The amount of exercise is small. Although it is a small dog, it is brave.

    10. Malzis
    is the same as the dogs like a schoan dog. The biggest feature is long hair, small and cute figure, with a variety of shapes, which is very suitable for home care.

    11. French bullfighting dog
    is a kind of dog breed that is very popular now. It is gentle and interesting. I like sleeping. This variety of younger brothers is easy to heatstroke in summer and need to pay more attention to body temperature.

    12. Yorkshine
    Yorkxia is also a small dog that has to be mentioned. It is often seen that a handbag is its destination. This kind of dog is smart and clever. Dogs are lively and have a large amount of exercise.

    13. Charlie King Hunter
    Chari King Hound is a good choice for domestic dogs. This variety of dogs are very interesting, love and friendly, love adventure, and need some exercise.

    14. Big dogs
    Big dogs are famous for their affection and curiosity. They are very patient and endurance, but Big dogs are relatively large. Essence

    15. The sausage dogs
    A sausage dogs are a kind of easily identified dog species. The legs are short and thick, and their bodies are long and round. Natural independence and autonomy, easy to take care of, the instructions issued by the owner will quickly understand the obedience.
    but it is worth noting that the normal small dogs are relatively small and easy to bark. In the process of raising, you need to pay attention to
    what kind of small dogs are good for 2 small dog training direction:
    The ability to cultivate dogs to swim. Dogs have the ability to swim, but some dogs are not used to launching water, so they must be specially trained. Password: "Swim). Gesture: Swing your left hand to the water.
    The training method is to bring the dog to the water by the parents. After using the dogs that are most interested in the dog, they are thrown into the water surface, and at the same time send out the "swim" password to let the dog go in front of them. If the dog is afraid of falling into the water, it can be encouraged while holding it into shallow water. If you train it, the dog can get used to swimming.
    Wei and circle of circles
    The food that the dog loves to eat is above the dog's head, tempting the dog to stand on the back limbs and adopt the posture of "worship". You can also train it on this basis, and finally train to the "turn" password to rotate.

    The handshake
    At the beginning, the shout "reached out", then picked up its left front foot with one hand, and the other hand picked up its right front foot. While saying "OK", he pulled out one hand to support the dog's neck or front chest, and you can also give it some food and reward it. This will learn quickly.
    The training requires compulsory. Usually use a short wooden stick, first order it to "bite", and at the same time pinch the dog's ears with one hand, and hold the short stick to let it bite with your mouth. Listen, the "bite" password will bite the stick. On this basis, put things in a place 10 meters away from the dog, shouting "bite", and when it bites, it ordered it to take it.
    If the wooden stick is dropped halfway, the parents must go to the place where they fall, pick up the wooden stick, let the dog hold it, and then take the wooden stick to say "good, good", and touch the stroke Its head. After the action is skilled, you can train it to live and walk.
    What varieties of small dogs are good. 3 Ferry small dogs and small dogs are mostly docile
    First of all, try to use the dog's defense reaction to cultivate the fierce nature of dogs. If you can use raw people to tease, the bravery of puppies can be developed by encouraging it to attack the teasing person. Some puppies are timid, and they are difficult to cultivate their bravery. They can use multi -headed dog group attacks to cultivate each other. Due to the relatively small puppies' gall, choose 1-2 fierce dogs to take the lead in attacking, and the timid `puppies can be imitated.
    So the early training of puppies should be carried out on the basis of the bite of the group. However, when training, you must choose a more familiar environment for dogs to eliminate the passive defense response of dogs. Get a few puppies with different guts together, and start by a trainer to approach the dog with a small sneaky movement. When maintaining a certain distance from the dog, the dog teases Big dogs will have an active defense response to the trainers. When the dog shows the desire to bite, the trainer retreats and retreats in a timely manner. The trainer fully strengthened the dog and cultivated the dog's "self -confidence".

    It, you can also tease the dog when training. You can use a towel to make a soft bite to make the necessary teasing. Through the above cultivation of puppies and guts, the dog has developed a good habit of excitedness for biting. Lay a good foundation for future bite training. When the dog reaches May, it can be trained in the initial stage of bite the dog.
    Profolding such training, small courage will show the desire to bite with other dogs. The trainer should strengthen the dog in a timely manner. At this time, it is best to use food rewards. With the adaptation of dogs to trainers' behavior, it gradually increases the amplitude. Each training will end the dog's "victory".

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