3 thoughts on “The dog at home is during the weaning period, and what brand of puppies milk cake is good?”

  1. What brand of puppy milk cake is good,
    presumably a lot of questions from many dog ​​slaves,
    It, milk cakes are really meaningful for dogs
    good milk cakes Not only can the dog complete the smooth transition from breast milk to solid food
    , you can also add all kinds of nutrients that dogs need when they are young
    So the choice of milk cake is equivalent to helping the dog's body to make a good good on the body of the dog's body. Basic
    The brand I suggest that the Royal
    The French veterinarian has a history of fifty years

  2. See what price you accept, go to physical stores to buy to avoid buying fakes. More than a hundred and 2 kilograms of grains are more guaranteed than Ruji and Royal. The quality is a little more expensive.

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