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  1. In fact, the old driver of Qiu Mingshan can tell you a lot of the problem of how to clean up the dung of pets. Because the old driver is a professional shovel officer, it is definitely a deep understanding of how to clean up these debris. So I will analyze it carefully based on the different pets I have raised.
    1. Dogs
    For those who raise some dogs, some people always like to give their own dogs. Throw it in the cage and let the dog eat and drink in the cage. This is completely wrong. Because dogs, it also likes to be clean. If you eat and go to the toilet, it will cause great trouble for its living habits.
    , although it says it can solve its personal hygiene problems in its cage. But what is left for you is to clean up the urine plate every day. And there will be a lot of odor.
    So the old driver of Qiu Mingshan, recommended to you, you can go to the Internet to buy some dog's urine basin, and then buy some guidance. Drive the dogs in a little bit, go there to defecate. Anyway, the dogs of the old driver's house can be made in that place perfectly after two days of careful guidance.
    This in the urine basin is paved with a piece of urine without wetness. The urine after the urine is not wet. There is no dog taste and no taste in the whole room.
    If if you slip out, it is best to bring a wet towel. When the dog shit, use a wet towel to wrap the things it pulls and put it in a plastic bag. When you see the trash can, you should not be thrown away. Do not put it there. Not only will it pollute the environment, but maybe who has stepped on it, it is really a particularly bad mood.
    2. Cat
    But compared to some cats, it is very simple. They don't need special training at all. The dogs are shit and urine in a fixed place, because the dog has a certain sensitivity to the smell. When the entire house is full of its smell, it will feel particularly peace of mind. But cats don't look like this.
    If your cat wants to go to the toilet in a fixed place, what you need to do is to buy some cat litter online and place it in a cool place. Every time you find that your cat is going to the toilet, gently fids with the cat litter with its paws, and then touch its head. Tell it carefully that this place is where you go to the toilet.
    Waiting for your cat to go to the toilet for the first time, it will understand it. In the future, this is its fixed excretion location. After two or three days, it can be used to tease the cat litter, screen its feces in the cat litter, and then put it in a plastic bag and throw it out. And this cat litter does not need to be too frequent, just change it every time.

  2. When I was a child, I especially hope that I can raise a cat as a pet, because there are so many dogs raised at home, and my mother thinks that cats are not clean (grab the mice), so I have been reluctant to support it. I have always felt that I always feel that Unfortunately, I went to college later. Under a special opportunity, I raised a cat in my life. I named it Kaka.
    I. Before its arrival, I Baidu had a lot of knowledge about how to raise cats in the dormitory. The most important point was how to deal with cat's feces. In fact, cats are a very clean animal. Shit is shit. Be sure to have sand, so cat litter is necessary if you raise cats in the dormitory. As the new shovel officer, the new official always tries to do a good job. If the cat shit is not handled well, the quality of life of the entire dormitory will decrease significantly, so I always have to deal with cat shit. Some. No matter how big the cat is, you must shovel cat feces once a day. I usually rush out the cat shovel from the toilet directly, but because the cat shit from the cat sand will swell, if the toilet drainage system at home, If it is not very good, I will take our trash bin by themselves. In order to avoid the trouble of collecting garbage, cat feces must be tied with bags.
    It is the treatment of cat litter. Generally, cat litter should be placed 5-10cm deep at a time. It takes about half a month at a time. Cats will clean your body with cat litter, so if you do n’t change cat litter for a long time, the cat will not be clean. Moreover, hard work must be treated with cat litter, the taste will be better, and the environment can be better.

  3. I remember that a friend said this: "Every day I have to find your stool in the dormitory ..." I have to say that a shoveling officer is very hard. In the environment where everyone lives, the pet's feces are very exciting. He has a headache. It was originally a public environment. Now it is particularly dirty. Everyone is unwilling to stay in the dormitory. Not to mention people, dogs don't want to stay inside.
    It some shoveling officers are really shoveling officers. Wherever the dog is pulled, it is tiring, and if you are not careful, you are very dirty. Fortunately, one thing is to clean up, and one thing is that the area is not very large. If you put it on the balcony, you will not get dirty. It is very convenient to clean it often, but it is not good to be bigger. Even if the dog is pulled in the dormitory, sometimes it is too much to pull outside.
    I. As a shoveling officer, I am afraid that there are hot water, cut vegetables, prepare seasonings, and eat dog meat. It is even more uncomfortable as a shoveling officer. Let's only bear all this by yourself.
    mame is to train dogs to make it a fixed place. This is difficult. Training dogs is also cruel, and dogs are also uncomfortable. I'm afraid it wants to jump directly into the pot and point to the shoveling officer and say, "Don't train, you eat me directly!" And now people will not be trained, they can't bear to train. Pets are generally small. Look at it. Looking at you cutely, will you still bear it to train it?
    , but no matter what, if you have already made up for it, do n’t abandon it. I heard that some college students from universities graduate every time, and there are dogs on campus. horrible. First of all, you should think about yourself and have no ability to raise it. If one day you don't want it, you should also find a way to send it to a good place to adopt

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