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  1. Do a good job of epidemic prevention, pay attention to public health, etc. Raising dogs is the hobby of many urban residents. Now most young people raising dogs is mainly because the loneliness of the city is too heavy, and many young people have no sense of belonging. Of course, some dog breeders really love small animals very much. However, in recent years, more and more residents of dogs have raised dogs have caused a series of urban residence problems. For example, dogs such as dogs and dogs, dog bites, etc. often appear on major media search lists. The most striking recognition of an actress in the entertainment industry was bitten by the star Ye Xuan's dog. The actress was bitten by the dog to work hard to work normally. I think that the above problems should be avoided, and the following points need to be kept in urban safety dogs.
    . Do a good job of dog epidemic prevention.
    people's living standards have improved. In recent years, people have also raised a variety of pets. Dogs are one of the pets with a large proportion. Disinfection of dogs in time to prevent dogs from bringing some germs to people.
    . Pay attention to public hygiene when walking dogs.
    Is when walking the dog, the owner must bring a dog feces bag, because we cannot control the behavior of pulling urine and shit, so the owner must do a good job of prevention, so even if the dog has shit and other behaviors in the community or park We can pick up the garbage bin afterwards to avoid damage to the park or community environment and affect the lives of residents and passers -by.
    three, no aggressive dogs.
    This dogs in the city suggest that you do not raise large dogs, and it is easy to scare children and pregnant women, and some large dogs may have attacked behavior. Once the attack or frightened consequences are caused, the owner must be the first responsible person. Need to be responsible for the victim. The consequences will not lose.
    In short, while the dog breeders are carefully taking care of the dogs, they must pay attention to the surrounding environment and try not to let their dogs do the behavior of hurting others to damage the environment.
    Is do you still need to supplement for the precautions of dog breeding in the city? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss together to make the society more safe.

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