3 thoughts on “Want to put a big cage for the kitten and puppy on the outside?”

  1. First of all, the material is relatively simple, but it is easy to make odor and durability. The advantages are economical and convenient. The disadvantage is insufficient aesthetic. High, more durable, but it is difficult to make.
    production: First of all, prepare the material, design the size of the cage you want, draw the framework, and give the drawing to a certain treasure customer service. Welding, a treasure customer service may help you make a hole, and then buy enough mesh (you can also consider acrylic or glass to increase ornamental) with screw nuts or fixed on the corner iron frame. Buy a steel rod (of course, you can also use a mesh acrylic glass), insert it, and it will be
    about the design of the cage. If it feels difficult, you can go to the pets to search for other people's design. The size
    In I want to say that the cat is not a hamster, and it is not suitable for raising all day in the cage. It is recommended that you get freezer, go to bed in the cage at night, or give the cat a separate room

  2. Want to put the kitten and puppy outside and make a big cage by yourself. What materials are good? It is recommended to use angle iron, as the main block, then welding the reinforced stick, and then surrounds it with a thin wire mesh. Cats and dogs also like joy.

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