3 thoughts on “Why are some people afraid of dogs”

  1. Some people are afraid of dogs, there may be more than one reason.
    In some people are afraid of dogs because there are shadows in their hearts. Some people may be bitten by the dog when they are childhood or teased when they are childhood, and they were frightened, so they left the shadow of fear of dogs in their hearts. From then on, when you see the dog, the subconscious will be afraid of the dog, be afraid of being bitten by a dog, hiding from the dog away, and slowly form a self -psychological suggestion of fear of dogs.
    It people are afraid of dogs, but they are not really afraid of dogs, and they still like dogs in their hearts. It is because of the beloved dog before, and this kind of parting sadness has died for various reasons. This kind of parting sadness makes people fear again to experience the parting of the dog's dog again. So I will try not to let myself raise dogs and contact dogs in the future.
    It people are afraid of dogs because of allergies to dog hair. This is a physiological reason. There is no way. Even some people like dogs, because this allergies cannot be exposed to dogs and dogs.

  2. There are many cases:
    The child is timid, afraid of everything that may be aggressive
    has been bitten by a dog before
    inherent concepts, dogs who have been educated from young people have strong aggressiveness

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