5 thoughts on “How do you deal with puppies given to pet dogs?”

  1. I won't sell it, but I will give it to netizens who like and do their responsibilities! If you raise a dog, you will be responsible for the dog. Don't throw away the dog because of the difficulty of the time, let it become a stray dog, I look down on that kind of person! I won't give you that kind of person, you will not give you a high price!

  2. My family gave birth to five babies, left one, and sold the rest. But it is not sold for money, strictly screen for buyers. One was bought to the countryside, and I spent money to take a taxi and chase it back.
    The owner of these four dogs, I have contact with them, and their economic conditions are good, they are all loved dogs. Dogs live well. I specifically build a group to remind them that one day to prevent the pins for the dog baby, what deworming medicine is used, and so on. We gathered once a hundred days and one year old.
    The people have become friends, always basking in the daily life of dogs in the group. I like their situation.
    It big dogs gave her sterilization after giving birth to this nest.

  3. For those who love dogs, of course, my previous dogs had only a nest. When you are delivered, you give each puppy with a needle, a nest, toys, a dog food, a nutritional paste, and a snack, and you are afraid that they will not live well. Later, the dog died of a big age. I went to a friend's house to see the puppy it gave birth to a comfort. But I don’t want to raise a dog anymore, the dog’s life is too short, and I am too sad.

  4. Dogs usually have fun at the beginning, and they lose their dogs when they find that they ca n’t afford it. Then come to install the Virgin online. In fact, those stray dogs are not all lost? If you don't like dogs, you won't raise it at all. Those hypocritical dog lovers abandoned. For example, puppies with poor appearance, throw them out if they can't send them out, and then scold others to have no love. Puppet.

  5. What can I do, raising it, and fortunately there are not many puppies, there are only one or two, and they can afford it at home.

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