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  1. It is understood that the train can check pets. But you can't carry it.
    In found that passengers carrying items illegally (including several people carrying a overweight or large item at the same time), at the station, they should refuse to enter the station or mobilize passengers to check; Arrange properly, you can put it in the luggage car if necessary.
    Pets such as cats, dogs, monkeys and other pets that have been brought into the car should be arranged to take care of the passengers by the train by the train. When the pet occurs or hurts other passengers, the carrier is responsible.

    The train consignment pet process
    1, railway consignment pets must have animal quarantine certificates issued by animal and plant quarantine units recognized by the railway department, mainly to provide animal quarantine certificates issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level , And then with the consent of the railway department, the pet check -in procedures are completed.
    2. Pets should be installed with iron containers carried by the passengers themselves, and the cage is required to be a steel bar structure. There must be a tray of stools under the chassis, or tied to the chassis with a sack or cotton cushion. Poor the stool to contaminate other goods. The two sides of the cage need to be used when extraction (can be made with lead wires).
    3. Two hours before the train was started, take the pet to the line of the bag at the train station to consign the scale. Consignment pets with luggage, the cost of pets depends on its weight and trains.
    Them consignment pets
    This to handle railway pets. The owner of the pet must be on the same train as the pet, it is best to carry food for pets for pets. At the same time, it is important to note when the railway pets are checked. It is best not to feed pets within four hours before going out.

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