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  1. Time: 2010-12-03 Source: Paido Pet Beauty Master Training School Author: YangHn Click: Type of Pet Dog's disease is nothing more than the following categories: (1) malignant infectious diseases, (2) non-malignant diseases , (3) Performance diseases, (4) Nutritional diseases, let's take a look at: 1. Malignant infectious diseases: mainly dog ​​plague, small virus, infectious hepatitis, rabies, etc. Sexual disease. Among them, rabies are common diseases and animals. There are many ways to infection with such diseases, and the cure rate is relatively low. Although there are already corresponding vaccines now, puppies and dogs who have had a sharp decline in their resistance due to some reasons (healing the puppy after birth, a puppy, a dog who has just finished surgery) is still the number one killer, so The puppies' epidemic prevention and low -resistant vaccines are important. The results can be obtained through blood samples, and early treatment can be achieved.
    2. Non -malignant infectious diseases: This type of disease is mainly to say that various types of skin diseases, such as fungal skin diseases, parasitic skin diseases, or skin diseases caused by other reasons. The characteristics of such diseases are that the early signs are not obviously easy to be ignored by the owner, and it is easy to be misused by the owner and cause the best treatment period, or accelerate the development of the disease. Such diseases are not fatal, but it is easy to evolve into stubborn recurrence and it is difficult to cure. Such diseases can accurately test the root cause of the disease through the skin sample test, whether it is fungal or mites, a chigger mite, a creep mite, or a spherical mite. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who can go to a regular hospital for treatment early.
    3. Demand disease: It mainly refers to a certain part of the body's functional deformation into dysfunction. Among them, it can be divided into congenital and acquired acquisition. Congenital mainly refers to genetic diseases: some people may have close relative reproduction in order to maintain the purity of the canine blood system. In this case, it is prone to congenital genetic diseases. Another is that some dog species are susceptible to certain diseases. The acquired nature is mainly to say that the dog's normal aging or disease is caused by some accidents. It is difficult to avoid this disease that you can only pay more attention to the owner. 4. Nutritional diseases: This is the most diseased disease now. He may cause various complications such as: excessive fat cause liver function lesions; vitamins supplement too much vitamin poisoning; raw eggs eat raw eggs to eat raw eggs. Too many causes of Salmonobacteria breeding cause diarrhea and dehydration; protein, obesity caused by too much fat, etc. The best prevention of this disease is reasonable supplementary nutrition. Now there are many books on the market that have a detailed introduction to this aspect. I hope friends can develop recipes for your dog after reading.
    above is a brief introduction to common diseases of dogs. I hope to help parents understand the relevant preventive knowledge of dog diseases. They are not deceived by mediocrists. They also hope that each parent can increase their vigilance and take care of dogs to grow up healthy.

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