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  1. Dogs to eat nutrition cream, as the name suggests, are the effect of supplementing nutrition. Generally, dogs can supplement his nutrition by eating nutrition cream when nutritional cream is not healed when nutrients are insufficient.
    The nutrition cream I bought after my dog ​​last time came back to supplement his nutrition. When the dog cannot eat

  2. Why do dogs need to supplement nutrition cream?
    1. Add nutrients faster:
    This Dogs for pets for fast nutrition creams are conducive to the rapid absorption of the dog's stomach, and it can also ensure that nutrition is more effective on the dog's body. Compared with slow supplement and large -loss food supplements, it is one of the good choices to improve nutritional levels to enhance disease resistance.
    2. Supplementing nutrition is also more convenient:
    wants to supplement the dog with nutrition, the owner can also make fresh ingredients by themselves. Coupled with the difference in the ability of dog gastrointestinal absorption, the effect of supplementing nutrition does not guarantee how ideal is it. Choosing pet nutrition cream can save how much these troubles.
    3. Adding nutrition will be more applicable:

    Pet nutrition cream can quickly help the dog restore the nutritional level of the body. Various nutritional needs.
    What under the circumstances that dogs need to eat nutrition cream?
    . The period of weakness during and after illness
    If the dog is sick or surgery, it will definitely be weak. If you strengthen nutrition and improve nutrition at this time, it can stimulate its immunity to improve disease resistance and help them recover their health as soon as possible.
    . The growth period of puppies
    The younger stage is the rapid growth of dogs, and more nutritional nutrition needs to be fully developed. If you only rely on a single dog food or snacks to add Nutrition needs. So at this time, nutrition creams are also very important for puppies.
    . The breeding period of the female dog
    The nutrition it needs to be greater and comprehensive in the pregnancy stage. If nutrients can't keep up at this time, it will not only affect their own health, but also the development of little puppies in the stomach. Therefore, in addition to feeding dog food, the feeding of nutrition cream is also necessary.
    . The elderly dogs
    The physical functions of the dog's body in the elderly stage will gradually decline, and the nutrients in the body will be lost. For dogs who are thinner and entered the old age, the intake of nutritional cream is also very important.

  3. Make the dog's body more healthy and less sick. When choosing, pay attention. Now there are too many nutrition creams in dogs, such as red dogs, Dori Xiaomeng. These two are better. Essence

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