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  1. When the female dogs are 6 or 7 months old, the menstruation will appear after the body is mature. At the same time, this is also the estrus period of the dog. Under normal circumstances, menstruation will last two to three weeks. The main thing to note is how to take care of how to take care of the dog during the menstrual period to better care for the dog.
    During this period, you need to prepare a warm cushion for the dog to prevent the belly from getting cold. Do not be too spicy and cold, you can properly give light and nutritious foods such as canned food, boiled chicken breasts. Avoid fierce activities for dogs, such as fast running, jumping, etc.
    For the menstrual blood of the dog peaches, it is recommended to clean it in time, and put on physiological pants for the dogs to prevent bacterial infection.
    If the dog is more serious during the estrus, the emotions are anxious and irritable, and it will be destroyed, randomly pulling the urine, etc., the pet owner will spend more time to accompany and care. If you can, the pet owner can also find objects for the dog to meet its physiological needs, and the dog will no longer make a dog.
    but if the owner does not want to find objects for the dog, or if you do not want to raise a puppy, and if you do n’t have time to take care, you can feed the pets to supplement nutrition, help the dog restore normal physiological functions, reduce the estrus of the dog to the estrus The trouble brought by the pet owner.

  2. Dogs will be more sticky than usual.
    It dogs will come for a holiday when the dog is in estrus. During the holiday, the dog's vulva will swell, and blood or pink sticky secretions will flow out of the vulva. Many dogs will be more sticky than usual in the process of estrus, and they are eager to go out. Seeing other dogs will be more proactive. Some dogs even respond to the owner's touch.
    Pukr's first menstruation will show the swelling of peach and redness, and flowing out of the sour smell of blood mucus, bright eyes, and restlessness.

  3. Most of the dogs come to menstruation for 15 to 30 days, usually about 20 days.
    The dogs are red and swollen when menstruation comes, and a small amount of blood flows out. The secretions flow from the vulva, pink, like to approach the male dog, and are willing to accept the climbing of the male dog. Essence
    In this time if it is not matched, it is best to go to E pet to buy a physiological pants for the dog. To prevent the harassment of other dogs, keep the dog's private parts clean.
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