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  1. Nowadays, we can often see many stray dogs on the street, and these stray dogs look very pitiful.
    When you encounter this kind of thing, on the one hand, you can bring stray dogs to a special stray animal assistance center. The care union there is a good help and care for stray dogs, and properly help them find them. Suitable master.
    of course, if you adopt it conditions in your home, then you can bring it to the pet hospital, clean it up, and get the vaccine to ensure its health and hygiene. Living together.

  2. A friend, after retirement, there is an amateur hobby, which is the small animal protection association that enters our city. There are many volunteers in their associations, distributed in various districts, and accepting stray dogs from different places. Their procedures are generally as follows:
    In someone broke the news that stray dogs or stray cats will receive the center as soon as possible. The first step is to deal with hygiene, bath, insects, hair, vaccination, sterilization surgery. If you are injured, you have to heal, and some even perform surgery. They filmed the whole process and published it on Weibo.
    The owner of the dog lost on Weibo, if the dog has the owner.
    Without the owner, they will let the kind people adopt for free. You can adopt through Weibo, WeChat and so on.
    In not scheduled to engage in small animals adoption. Generally in large shopping malls, public adoption and propaganda during holidays are used.
    Coloning social donations to build a nursing center for wandering small animals.
    The organization is available in many cities. Therefore, once you see a stray dog, you can break the news for them.
    The picture below shows their association's propaganda adoption.

  3. First, if you have not touched the dog and are very afraid of the dog, you encounter a stray dog ​​on the road, please do not yell at it. Many people are bitten by dogs, usually because of anger.
    . If you are a kind person and want to help it, then it is the best way to feed it for dogs who have a home and have no bad experience.
    . If you encounter injured stray dogs, you should check its wound first. You should try to relax and communicate with it gently. Hold it slowly to the animal hospital to deal with the wound.
    . Then when you encounter a cute stray dog, and in the end, if you do n’t find the original owner, you want to adopt it yourself, then you have to prepare more. For example, go to the hospital for a physical examination, prevent needle, cut the hair to prepare daily necessities or something.
    5. You have a dog in your house, and you can't bear it to continue wandering, trying to send it to the rescue station. For some dogs, they are highly vigilant, more fierce, and they should cultivate feelings with it, gain trust, and strive for its cooperation. The way to force it in the emergency is to wear strong sleeves and gloves and masks to prevent dogs from hurting people. In the case of protecting themselves, strive to catch it.

  4. 1. Give to related rescue agencies.
    M many cities should have stray animal protection agencies. It is best to give it to such similar institutions. They know how to deal with it. There will be many such small animals in such rescue agencies. It is easy to find the feeling of the home. If you are not relieved, you can go back and take a look.
    2. Adopt it yourself.
    It if you particularly like it, you can also choose to adopt, but you must prepare before adoption, such as taking it to a pet shop to take a bath, check whether there are diseases, and vaccine in case.

  5. For stray dogs, it is best not to adopt it. You can put it on a specific adoption stray dog ​​mechanism. If you especially want to adopt a stray dog, you must take a stray dog ​​to the pet hospital for a whole body examination and get the vaccine. Regularly do a physical examination for stray dogs.

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