1 thought on “How to capture dogs to capture dogs”

  1. 1. It is not recommended to catch the dog directly from the front. If the hospital recommends that the owner holds it on a diagnosis table, wear an Elizabeth circle, from the side or back, hold the dog's neck with your left hand, hold it fixed, grab the right hand to grab the right hand Living in the front foot and fixing the waist of the dog with your right hand, this method is suitable for dogs with small size, if the big dog is different.

    . If it is a large dog, it is more fierce. It is recommended to let the owner wear an Elizabeth circle, or the mouth, or use a rope to tie the mouth first, and hold the dog with the whole body to hold the dog’s dog’s The neck, the back of the person to help hold the hind legs. If it is more docile, let the owner hold the head.

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