The weather is getting hotter, what should be paid attention to in summer to care for pet dogs

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  1. The temperature in summer, especially during the day, is relatively high. The owners should avoid the hottest interruption of the day (11:00 noon -4 pm) to walk the dog. Rest in a cool place, we try not to disturb them.
    If you have to come out, find some places with shade and go back soon. The baby walks as early as possible in the morning than winter, and later at night than winter, try to avoid being too hot outside, and dogs are very easy to sign.
    It if you go out and drive with a dog, the owner gets out of the car, and the window should be opened as much as possible to let the air inside circulate and avoid the dog's choking death.
    The family with air -conditioning, do not let the dog stay under the off -air outlet for a long time. If it blows for a long time, the dog is easy to catch a cold. Dogs stay in a room with air conditioning for a long time. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, and it is easy to catch a cold. The best way is that when turning on the air conditioner, the owner is best to hit the door or window of the room to let the air allow the air to let the air. Some of them, although it may cost electricity, not low carbon, but it will be better for our owners and dogs.
    This water, water is an important guarantee for any life.
    The various parasites in summer are prone to breeding. Be sure to pay attention not to let the parasites run to the baby's body to suck blood. Be sure to prepare for deworming.
    This dogs in summer decreased. You can freeze the Champions League dog food in the refrigerator slightly, and then feed the dog with fresh chicken. Remember not to drink too much ice water for the dog.

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