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  1. Reasons why dogs eat shit 1. Mother -sex behavior: The whereabouts of the puppy will lick the puppy's genitals and anus after giving birth to the puppy. In addition to stimulating the puppy to eat at the same time to keep the environment clean, it can prevent the taste from leaking to avoid other other things. Animal hunting belongs to normal maternal behavior 2. Mimic behavior: The owner often clean up the places where the dog house and their lives live. I also learn to eat imitation. 3. Inappropriate punishment: Dogs are punished by the owner after urination or bite or destroy things, causing the dog to be afraid of the dog's heart. Evidence 4. Replacement behavior: Dog eating is a kind of nature. Some special tastes in the feces are liked by dogs, and the fermented excretion of herbivorous animals is very attractive. Eat your own or other stools to replace 5. Cause the attention of the owner: the dog eats shit because of the internal medicine disease, the owner's punishment is noticed. After the internal medicine disease is better Continue to pay attention to 6. Class hegemony behavior: The second -order dogs may have to eat high -end shit in the group to surrender 7. Feeding habits: Some dogs eat a few meals a day, and after a meal a day, they can eat stools. Fulling hunger, 3/4 of the ingredients that cause such habitual feces are water and 0.4 are solids; 30 % in solids are dead bacteria, 10 % to 20 % are fat, 2 % to 3 % are protein. 10 % to 20 % are inorganic salts, and 30 % are undestained residual foods and solid ingredients in digestive solution such as peeling epithelial cells. The yellow of the feces is formed by bile red derivatives and urine biliary pigments. Smells are caused by bacterial action products, mainly with sulfur, fecal odor, sulfenol, and sulfurized hydrogen.通常人每天约排粪0.5千克;排尿量约为1500毫升,含有肾脏由血浆中清除的各种物质,正常尿液成分为(克/升):钠3、钾0.19、镁0.36、氯4.69、 Carbonate 0.84, phosphoric acid root 5, urea 18, creatinine 1.96. These indicate that the feces are quite corrosive, especially after the fermentation will produce reference materials such as acid and ammonia: ./ Question/1960646

  2. Because Jiangshan is easy to change, it is difficult to move in nature. Dogs can't change shit. Why does it like to eat and ask it, as long as the language can communicate/

  3. Dogs (Latin Canis Lupus) belong to the spine, vertebrates, lactal gates, mammalian, real beast subclase, meat food, split -footed eyes, and canine animals. Chinese is also known as "Dog". Dogs are carnivorous and are distributed around the world.
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