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  1. The cat is famous for cleaning and brushing hair for pet cats. It will enjoy it very much, and parents are happy. Do you help cat brush hair correctly? You know after reading the content of this article.

    Siamese cats (details introduction)
    The cats like to clean, so they often lick their hair with their tongues, remove dirt, and sort out hair. But you can't give all the care of your body to the cat yourself. The nursing of the fur every day can not only remove dirt, lice, and hairpin.

    The bristles can prevent hair removal, stimulate the skin, and promote blood circulation. The variety of short hairs can be washed when the dirt is obvious. Usually, you only need to touch it with wet hands to prevent hair removal and dirt. The varieties of long hair should be once a day for 5 minutes each time.
    First of all, if the hair is smoother, the brush should be a right angle with the body and combing the whole body. Everywhere in the tail, claws, and other bodies should be brushed along the hair. Sometimes, with a brushing against hair, it can remove difficult dirt. Finally, brush it lightly to maintain good ventilation between the hair. When you are dirty and sweat, sprinkle a little pink, and when you comb, the cat will be loose. At first I don't like the cat who is brushed. When I get used to it, as soon as you take out the brush, you will be happy to lean over.

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