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  1. British short -haired cat. Alias ​​British, origin Britain. Its body is round and fat, with short limbs, short and dense hairs, round heads, rounded face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to raise. As an ancient cat variety, its history can be traced back to the ancient Roman cats. Due to the long history of breeding, it can be called a model of the cat family.
    The maintenance method:
    1. Feeding: The changes in the amount of exercise will change the digestion and absorption of the intestine, and the functions of liver, kidney filtration and detoxification will change. Pay more attention to the hardness of the cats suitable for cats, supplement calcium, iron, vitamins, and other trace elements in moderation, change different flavors to change different flavors Food;
    2. Brush your teeth: If you have conditions, you should brush your teeth to reduce the invasion of bacteria caused by inflammation of the gums;
    3. Eye care: often remove too much mucus with wet cotton and clean the skin around the eyes;
    4. Ear care: regular inspection inner ear canal;
    5. Joint care: joint pain is a common problem for old pets. If it cannot be moved regularly, it can gently massage muscle or movement of limbs when resting.

  2. The fat cat is not only particularly cute, but also feels very comfortable to feel. Some cats are determined to be born with genes. Carved in genes.
    Mammat cat, like British short -haired cat, is a large grid cat cultivated.

    magen, there is a saying called "Ten Orange Nine Fat, and an overwhelming puppet". Because of his proud genes, the orange cat is the reputation of a "fat man".
    Elegant Persian cats, often staying one by one, motionless, is very disliked to exercise. Essence

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  4. Exotic short -haired cats are fat.
    The multicast short -haired cat purchase method:
    1, the more flat -haired cat's nose is flatter, the better, if it is too prominent, it will be impure. The nose of a foreign short -haired cat is a bit like a piglet's nose. Many people think that the shorter the nose of a foreign short -haired cat, the better. Essence The upper ends of the cat's nose cannot exceed the corners of the eyes.
    2, the ear positions of short -haired cats must be low, and the spacing of the two ears must be wide.
    3, the tail of a foreign short -haired cat must be short, proportional to the body, but it is best to approach the ground at the tip of the tail. The tail must also be thick, but this problem is very easy to solve.
    4. Observe whether there is impurities in the cat's eyes, and then touch the cats of the cat, and then feed the cat. If it is a healthy exotic short -haired cat, then its eyes should be clear and clear.
    5, most of the exotic short -haired cats are mostly slim, with small and round ears, the face shape is oval in shape, the forehead is smooth, and the frontal bone is wide. The hair of the whole body is thick, the texture is hard and slippery, the tail is medium -length, the tail root is thick, and the tip of the tail will suddenly become thinner.

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