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  1. Most of the pets are pet shops and pet hospitals. The one -day foster cost ranges from 50 yuan to 150 yuan. For pet demand, many pet shops and pet hospitals have launched VIP foserous rooms and standard foster rooms; pet dogs are charged at weight, pet cats are charged at age: 50 yuan for pets within 6 months, and 60 yuan for cats over 6 months. ; 5-10 kg pet dogs/day are 60 yuan, 3-5 kg ​​pet dog/day is 50 yuan, and pet dogs of more than 10 kg/day are 70 yuan.

  2. Pet shops have long -term fostering, dogs are generally ten yuan to 20 yuan a day, so long -term fostering for a few months, about 500 yuan is almost the same.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer pet foster fees are generally determined by pet weight. Pets below 4 kg 40-50 yuan a day, and more than 4 kilograms of 60-80 yuan. The specific price should be based on the length of the foster and the pet shop. The scale of the scale is determined. Under normal circumstances, most owners choose to foster pets on holidays, so the price will be higher than usual. And if the size of pet shops is large and the service facilities are complete, the price will be relatively high.

  4. How much does it cost to foster dogs in a pet shop and one day according to the cost of spending in each store. Each shop owner requires different requirements and the price is different. It should be about 20 yuan.

  5. How much does it cost to foster dogs in a pet store? One day, the price is different. According to the size of the dog, the dog's variety, and some special foods I need to use it.

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