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  1. The cats with a relatively quiet personality of puppet cats are not much necessary
    The owner to put a ring bell for cats to know the movement of the cats. Cats lost. However, do you need to put on this collar of the cat and many owners have their own views, so let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this issue.
    In denying, it is risky to wear this collar to the puppet cat. When a cat is playing and scratching, it may cause the collar to hold the neck; or when the cat is not used to the collar and try to remove the "foreign body" on the neck with the claws, it is likely to stuck the claws in the collar; and the time of this collar is over. Long, and the tightness does not adjust the problem of hair loss in the neck. However, most of these risks are caused by incorrect wearing methods or improper selection of collar, so most of them can be avoided.
    1. The selection of the collar should be appropriate. When wearing the collar, make sure that there must be one or two fingers between the neck and collar of the cat. The width of the collar should not be too width, and it is more appropriate to be less than 2cm.
    2. Buy pet safety collar. There is a special design buckle of the safety item circle that can automatically disconnect the collar when the external force is large to a certain extent to prevent cats from being injured. There is also a kind of safety collar that is tight. When the cat is stuck, the collar can stretch.
    3. Check the tightness of the collar regularly. For fast -growing kittens, the tightness of the collar should be checked regularly, and the size of the item ring is flexibly adjusted according to the growth rate of the cat.

    The attention to whether the doors and windows are closed
    The advantages of wearing the item ring -loss is easy to find
    so -so -called not afraid of 10,000 in case, most of the time we compare our catches of cats' care work. Okay, but people always have negligence. And these seemingly trivial mistakes may cause cats to escape. For example, doors or windows are not closed. If the cat's neck is wearing a ring bell at this time, then the cat will definitely make a sound when walking, which is more conducive to us to find it.
    Is know that cats and cats are also very sharp, so we may feel that the sound of the bell will affect the cat's hearing. However, this statement is more controversial. At present, there are no powerful experiments and data to support the sound of bells that will damage the cat's hearing.
    Although the sound of the bell may have little effect on the cat's hearing, we cannot rule out whether the bell will cause the cat to have restless emotions. After all, cats like to be quiet, and putting them bells may have a certain impact on their daily life.
    Because the sound of the bell on the cat is not the same, if we find that the cat is very sensitive to the sound of the bell and shows uneasiness or discomfort, then don't wear them If you do not show irritability, you don't need to mind the impact of the bell too much.
    It is not necessary to put on a bell for the puppet cat, because the puppet cat is relatively docile and quiet, so as long as you pay attention to the doors and windows, they generally do not run out. However, for some naughty cats, we can wear a ring bell to them when necessary to prevent losing.

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