Which cat can follow the owner to go shopping without running?

I live in the building, I want to buy a cat, because there is an electronic door downstairs, and the cat cannot be moved everywhere, so I want to bring out the bend after dinner, and I am afraid that I will run away when I go out. I do n’t know what cat to choose.

5 thoughts on “Which cat can follow the owner to go shopping without running?”

  1. Siamese cat
    (xiān) Luo cat originated in Thailand. They have long hair and thin hair, with dark blue and beautiful eyes and dark faces; Siamese cats believe that it is the oldest cat in the world. Planting, they like people's companionship very much, like to contact people, lying on your bed, chair, on your legs, on their legs; they are very clever and affectionate, with a soft personality, and they are very tolerant for children to give the elderly for the elderly Being a companion, they usually like to stay at home and do not like to run wild outside. They are ideal pet partners. Siamese owls are loud and like to speak constantly

  2. Raising a raccoon cat is very vibrant. Most of the cats are more lively and lively. People who only know that they often come into contact with strangers will be very irritable. As long as you often hold him often leading him to the densely crowded areas, you will often take him to the densely crowded area. If you can bring it out, he will follow you, but you have to pay attention to the cats that it will lose more attention.

  3. Even the most bolder Siamese cats, only a few can cope with people without being afraid to escape.

    The cats raised in the room, as long as the owner and the cat play for about an hour every day, and setting up climbing racks, etc., such as making Mimi entertain and self -entertaining, the amount of exercise is sufficient.

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