2 thoughts on “Cats with a price of about 200 yuan, be cute, what cats are recommended?”

  1. Upstairs rational! 200 purebreds are not possible to drop. They are either expensive to sell purebreds. Either find a trustworthy person to adopt. In 200 a month, food costs are not enough. People who raise purebred cats will not care about 200 yuan.
    The price of Persia, about 1000 is a string, or the quality of the purebred. The normal Persian price is about two or three thousand, the slightly better is about 10,000, the game is about 30,000, and the competition can win 30,000.
    A cheap kitten, I generally don't charge, ask people to buy some cat food supplies at the 0 profit price of the wholesale, etc. It depends on whether they are willing to spend money on cats. I gave it to the cat. It is impossible to accept two hundred people anyway. Not only me, I know that my colleagues are all this mentality. Families who are breeding for cats have originally liked cats. They do n’t care about the price of cats. No matter how high, the price cannot make up for our expenses, so the price is indifferent.
    Generally, if my client does not need a certificate, I will transfer the kitten half at half the price. Cat's money.
    or some customers raise the cat very healthy, then I will send another another to accompany it.

  2. The price generally corresponds to the quality. It is unlikely to buy a specific variety in 200. Ordinary small cats are more than enough, and there are many colors. It must have your favorite.
    No matter what cat, the happiness and responsibility he brings you ~!

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